Who is the worst principal in New York City?

Who is the worst principal in New York City?

On February 19, 2014, the New York Post and the New York Daily New published article about New York City Department of Education’s efforts to fired P.S. 106’S principal Marcella Sills. Ms. Sills according to the articles is a product of the Leadership academy. Oddly enough, principal David Jimenez of Manhattan Center for Science and Math High School is also a product of the Leadership academy.

On February 22,2014 the New York Post published an opinion article by Patricia Walsh a former teacher at P.S.106. The article opens with a question
Why was nothing done a P.S 106?
The answer was simple because the city and union would listen.

Ms. Walsh’s story reads likes a normal day at Manhattan Center.
” You were either a friend of Sills or an enemy, and if she didn’t like you she rip you apart in reviews.”

Oddly enough this is David Jimenez’s game plan. One of my witnesses at my 3020A hearing noted that as a dean I was Jimenez’s “go to guy.” This ended the minute I reported A.P. Daniel Albetta’s use of the N-word. Needless to say, I was U-Rated and written up at every opportunity and I was not the only teacher who suffered this fate. (http://decruztruth.wordpress.com/)

“Sills opened state exam booklets earlier than allowed and asked teachers to discuss how to read a passage to help students better understand it, which was cheating When told it was illegal, she had a fit.”

During the 2010 U.S. history regents three students were caught cheating Jimenez attempted to sweep it under the rug and have the history teachers handle it. When the history department refused Jimenez had a fit.

“Retaliation was common. When a teacher signed her name to a letter sent to officials expressing her concern about educational practices that adversely affecting children in our school. She was reprimanded for more than one hour by two Supervisors from the Department of Education. Teachers learned to remain anonymous.”

Mr. Thomas (http://www.mcsmledger.blogspot.com) spent 16 months in the rubber room for questioning educational practices that affected our students. Retaliation is something that I have a first hand account of. In April of 2011, I filed a complaint about the surveys. I spoke with Jamel Boyer and warned him that I would be retaliated against. I received two u ratings and a three letters to file after that meeting.


“Letters began to flood the district office, Superintendent’s office, mayor’s office, chancellor’s office, UFT and the special commissioner of investigation just three months after Sills took leadership position. But rather than addressing our concerns and dealing with the cause, the staff was reprimanded and scolded for not signing individual names. Now see why Sills strategically targeted and harassed staff.”

The staff at Manhattan Center has a first hand account of this. The Union hung us out to dry. I had written numerous letters to the union and the chancellor about the harassment at Manhattan Center at the end of every letter I noted that I feared for my job. Mr. Jimenez specifically targeted union backers and threatened younger teachers who associated with them.

“Meeting, letters, email, reports to teacher union… all proved futile. Every letter, every complaint reiterated her absences, lateness, inappropriate interaction with children, parents, staff, even falsification of reviews.”

As with Sills the effort to get any response on Jimenez proved futile. Accounting for things like inappropriate interaction with children. Jimenez and his band of cronies once held a female student captive for a number of hours until she gave them the password to her Facebook account. Jimenez also wrote up a number of false allegations to dirty up teachers.

“Sills was never held accountable.”
Jimenez was never held accountable.
The transfer rate for staff member as P.S.106 was 60% that is about the transfer rate at Manhattan Center.
Jimenez would tell me that some places just don’t fit the teacher and that I should transfer of else. Funny thing is my passing rate on the regent was extremely high and I had received accolades on my work with student teachers from both NYU and Columbia’s Teachers College.

Enrollment at both P.S106 had declined during Sills reign. Meanwhile the numbers of students that are attending Manhattan Center are also in decline. Most of the remarks on social media speak negatively of Principal Jimenez and his band of cronies.

The reality is the only thing these two individuals learned at the Leadership Academy was how to bully teachers into submission. Fortunately, there are people like Patricia Walsh who are willing to stand up and fight for what is right.

The question still remains how do these two schools in different borough share the same story about an abuse of power, yet no one seems to care?


8 thoughts on “Who is the worst principal in New York City?

  1. The Leadership Academy now there is a contradiction in terms. The reality is being an A.P. is currently the best job in education. Principals like Jimenez and Sills are more the rule today then the exception. When I came to Manhattan Center I knew that there would be plenty of room for advancement if I could assure Jimenez that I was a loyal soldier. My meteoric rise was due to the fact that Jimenez was insecure and people like Silvers scared him both physically and because of the respect he had from both old and new staff members. The Leadership Academy developed yes men who were willing to destroy teacher’s career. The primary rule of the Leadership academy was do what you have to do to get rid of high priced teachers, help break the union just don’t get caught doing it.

  2. Everyone always said that Jimenez would bury himself. I thought they meant he’d mess up and get fired. The only thing he buried was his head up Albetta’s Ass to start the Human Centipede and then more people started “burying themselves” to be in their little gang of educational misfits and mongrels….Somethings gotta go down

    No one can be that corrupt, that bad, that incompetent for so long without it catching up to them…

    It’s a joke already

    I wouldn’t even hire him and his friends to clean a porta-potty let alone run a public school

    If you ever worked at MCSM you’ve seen it all, the very worst side of “education”

  3. I think that it’s very irresponsible to put Jimenez’ picture under the caption “Who’s the worst principal in New York City.”

    He’s probably not the worst–top 10, maybe. Top 50? Undoubtedly!

    Let’s put aside the allegations about sexual harrassment, suborning perjury, misappropriation of funds, etc. Many of them haven’t been proven– yet!
    Let’s put aside the fact that he has ruined the careers, and diminished the lives of many teachers. These actions are disgraceful, but they’ve been “done” by others, notably Reidy (Bx Sci) and the boor at Bklyn Tech.
    The most salient point that I can make is the Jimanus has rarely acted in the best interests of students. He’s driven out capable, talented teachers. Many of his hires (not all) lack the “chops” and experience of their predecessors. Many of the successful programs that he inherited have been dropped or drastically cut back.
    Most galling is that he has created an environment so toxic that few teachers want to come here, given his antics. Even a strong UFT chapter will be hard pressed to change that dynamic.

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