Honest Abe meet Dishonest David

Honest Abe meet Dishonest David

After reading the closing argument of Mr. Thomas’ case http://mcsmledger.blogspot.com. I re-read the closing arguments of my 3020a hearing. My lawyer Antonio Cavallaro and Mr. Thomas’ lawyer both spoke of the inconsistencies in the testimonies of David Jimenez, Dan Albetta, Brain Bradley and Dennis Hernandez. Mr. Jimenez in my 3020a hearing was obsessed with Mr. Albetta’s sexuality. Jimenez’s obsession with Albetta’s sexuality ran so deep that arbitrator Lisa Brogan questioned his credibility. In Mr. Thomas’ case the three stooges, Albetta, Hernandez and Bradley were determined to prove that Mr. Thomas assaulted Mr. Jimenez instead all they proved is that even with six months of preparation they still can’t get their stories straight. Oddly enough, the alleged assault on Jimenez occurred while my 3020a was under way. You think they would have learned something about testifying, but then again its hard to keep up with all the lies they have told.

4 thoughts on “Honest Abe meet Dishonest David

  1. I started following your blog in Early December since then I am convinced that this group belongs behind bars. They have lied continuously. When I read Bray’s document I was outraged by Jimenez’s total disregard for the law. I was shocked by his total disrespect for women and his anti-homosexual rants. Albetta on the other hand is totally out for himself. This man would sell out Jimenez at the drop of a dime. Hernandez is a lap dog. After reading his testimony in Mike Thomas’s case I see that this he has no brain. Bradley on the other hand has seem to have bit off more than he can chew. Jimenez has him over a barrel and with no petroleum jelly. That PhD he has isn’t going to help him when Jimenez or Albetta hang him.

  2. That damned auto-correct: “Brain Bradley.” SMH.

    I believe he’s got an Ed. D., not a Ph. D.

    (Wonder what he did to “earn” it?)

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