The Daniel Albetta playbook

On June 21, 2007 Assistant Principal Daniel Albetta gave his Deposition in the case of Jack Fisher vs New York City Department of Education (Docket No 06394). As I read through the deposition I realized that this document was actually the playbook from which Daniel Albetta operates from.

The case of Jack Fisher was about a possible abuse of power by the Principal at Automotive High School. Mr. Albetta’s job at this time was Assistant Principal of Security and Physical Education. These are two positions that he held in April of 2009 at Manhattan Center for Science and Math high school when I became his target.

Matthew Porges a lawyer for Jack Fisher asked Albetta the following questions about his position at Automotive High School.

Porges: And you have worked at Automotive high school?

Albetta: That’s correct

Porges: What was the period that you worked there?

Albetta: It was February 2006 until January 2007

(Question: Why was Albetta’s term at Automotive high school so short considering his tenure at Manhattan Center has lasted six years?) 

Porges: What position or positions did you hold?

Albetta: I was assistant principal of security and physical education?

Porges What does assistant principal of security do?

Albetta: Just monitor the security of the students, staff make sure everyone’s safe among other thing.

(This sound like an answer a member of the KGB might say)

Porges: What are the other things?

Albetta: Responsible for student scanning. Responsibilities including student suspension. Responsibilities included conference with parent discussing issues related to security in the building implementing directives from the chancellor.

(Albetta monitored students and staff and implemented directives from the Chancellor Interesting terminology for a member of the KGB oops the DOE. The reality is the Chancellor’s regulations are established to ensure that a school runs properly. The Chancellor’s regulations allow for some leeway in how to handle a student’s behavioral issues. They are not directive which is a do it my way approach.)

Porges: Do you have any concern about the safety of the faculty? Is that part of your—

Albetta: Sure Absolutely. One of my responsibilities was to make sure the staff was safe as well so they could teach.

(Based on this answer I assumed that the students at Automotive high school were basically running amok and that Albetta donned his Superman cape and protected every teacher in the building. I worked with Albetta as a dean and I once watch him threaten a former student who was looking to get a transcript. Albetta had issues with the student the year before and held a grudge. When the former student walked towards him in a threaten manner Albetta asked the school security agent to remove the former students. Eventually out of respect for this agent and myself the former student left quietly, but Albetta complained that the agent did not do his job. Meanwhile Albetta instigated the whole situation.)

Porges: What did you do to keep the staff safe?

Albetta: I would speak with them frequently and make sure if there were any particular student or issues of violence that they did not in any way feel uncomfortable, unsafe.

(In April of 2009, Two students had a verbally argument that got out of hand. Security agents were called and the students were separated. As I dealt with one student in an office Mr. Albetta walked in and demanded that “the student comes with him to his office to speak with the other student.” Myself and a security agent and another individual who had witnessed the incident explained to Albetta that “it was a good idea to put them together yet.” Albetta replied, “I am the A.P. of security.” I did not want to be insubordinate so I let him take the student, but I followed closely behind with two security agents. As Albetta spoke to the student he had become more agitated and walked away from Albetta. Albetta looked at the security agents and demanded that they arrested the student. As the student was being cuffed he looked at me and said, “ Yo Silvers, Why is he doing this.” I had no answer.  Mr. Albetta at this point was in a stairwell on his phone and looking at the situation and laughing. Albetta said that he had the student arrested because he hit the Level 3 Sgt Feliciano. Mr. Feliciano, stated in his report that the student never hit him. Albetta cares about no one safety, but his own.)

In another part of the deposition Albetta discusses Automotive’s principal Melissa Siblerman goal to rid the building of Jack Fisher

Porges: When you would have cabinet meetings did his name ever come up?

Albetta: They would discuss Mr. Fischer in capacities…And that Mrs. Silberman wanted him gone from the school.

Porges: What else was said?

Albetta: She did say at the cabinet meetings that given the opportunity we should write him up.

(Albetta Gives up his principal. Look out David)

Porges: Write him up for what?

Albetta: Whatever he did that was wrong.

Porges: Do you mean she said he should be written up for false charges?

Albetta: No never for false charges, but if you see him doing something wrong write him up.

(There are a number of teachers at Manhattan Center who have been written up by Albetta. In November of 2011 Albetta had filed false charges of corporal punishment against me with Office of Special Investigation. The charge was that I had a mean look on my face and some student complained. OSI thought the case was so frivolous they kicked it back to the school. The charge was unsubstantiated. I am more than sure there are other cases out there just like this one filed by Albetta.)

Porges: Did she tell the cabinet to do that for other teachers?

Albetta: Sometimes if she didn’t like somebody.

(Believe it or not there were some members of the Manhattan Center for Science and Math Administration that actually would warn me when my name was mention in cabinet. It seems that Jimenez like to do intimations of me in front of the cabinet.  Jimenez went so far as saying that I would buy people to be my friend. David anytime you feel like showing me your intimation of me let me know. I’ll buy the coffee.)

Porges: Based on your understanding why did she not like Mr. Fischer?

Albetta: She felt he was a do nothing and was taking advantage of moneys that could be used to provide a good teacher.

(You mean like having three per–session jobs.)

Porges: You also mention there was discussion of him not being sick what was relative to that?

Albetta: Ms. SIlberman spoke in an inappropriate manner. She would sit at the cabinet meetings and curse like a truck driver, speak about people being dressed improperly.

Porges: What did she specifically say?

Albetta: The thing I specifically remember, She wanted him gone that basically what I remember.

Porges: Did she say—you’re talking curse words? Did she say curse words relative to him?

Albetta: She was cursing about everything. And I’m sure she used a derogatory term with him as well.

Porges do you remember what the derogatory term was?

Albetta: I don’t want to sound inappropriate if I use language here.

(Albetta is the Mark Furman of Manhattan Center for Science and Math High School. I have heard him use the N- word on a number of occasions. He has also used derogatory term to describe some of the Jewish teachers in the school.)

Porges: That fines. We need to know.

Albetta: What the fuck does he think he’s doing? Who the fuck does he think he is? Terms that she uses all the time during cabinet meetings and not with Jack Fisher, but with other teachers as well who she did like. I don’t know if these – I do know actually—like I said before she felt as if he wasn’t doing the job She wanted to use money for a teacher who can teach.

(So the question stands why did she hire Albetta?)

Porges: Other than to doubt Mr. Fischer’s disability, did Ms. Silberman make any other inappropriate comments?

Albetta: Pertaining to Mr. Fischer, no Like I said, again, she disliked him because she felt he was wasting her money. She could get a good teacher for the price, the money he was making. She was very angry that he was making top salary and doing nothing.

(Basically Albetta gives up the whole system here if teachers are high priced they are no good, whether they can teach or not. Albetta and Jimenez tried to get me on Insubordination, but failed because my regent score were extremely high. In my twelve years, my students have passed the regent at a 98% passing rate.)

Eventually Albetta discusses his reasons for leaving Automotive High School

Porges: Did anyone try to stop her from pushing him out?

Albetta: No. Because Ms. SIlbermen is a very vindictive person and if you got in her way she got even with you.

(Read post.)

Porges: That why you resigned?

Albetta: Yes

Porges: When you resigned there wasn’t anything that would force you out?

Albetta: No. But I did tell her I was leaving at that point she wanted me out of that building and she started witch hunting me as well as. She had the most ridiculous witch hunt right before Christmas vacation with me, saying to the chapter leader that I wasn’t doing a good job. And she treated me in a very unprofessional manner. And she was going to start putting letters in my file to ruin my assistant principal license. So I resigned right after that. I didn’t have a job.  I was in the same position that Mr. Fischer was in an ATR, as a teacher again. But I had to get away from her because she was going to ruin my career.


Porges: Did she put you in ATR?

Albetta: I don’t know if she did, but as an assistant principal you have a right to revert to your previous license. So that what I did. And there were no position available inside the network. So what happens you go into an absent teacher reserve list and that where I went, And I expressed to her many times, Maybe there something else you could do for me, but she didn’t care.

(BOO HOO: Question: How many teacher’s careers has Daniel Albetta destroyed? 

Hey Dan did you think about your situation when you were destroying other teacher’s careers?

Or were you the main culprit behind the Fischer case and just got caught and decided to sell out. Ms. Silberman has moved up in the Department of Education, as for you the pattern that you used to derail my career and other seems to be a fairly similar pattern to the Fischer case. I’m guessing you got caught harassing Mr. Fischer and the chapter leader brought these concerns to Ms. Silberman.  She had already realize that you were incompetent as an administration and decided to remove you from the position. You decided to sell her out to save your skin.

The last thing you said in the deposition was “There a little network and a little circle going on there. And right now I’m a teacher. She can’t hurt me anymore. But probably she can ruin my future, because I’m telling the truth…”  How about that little circle you and Jimenez have going on at MCSM. The funniest thing in this whole deposition is the last four words. I’m telling the Truth. Based on every other case you have been involved in you have no idea what the truth is.)

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  1. I worked with Dan Albetta at Automotive high school and I remember the incident with Mr. Fisher. Mr Albetta would sneak around the halls at Automotive and try to catch Mr. Fisher. It was almost like a personal vendetta

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