The Greatest Soccer coach in the history of Manhattan Center

The Greatest Soccer coach in the history of Manhattan Center

After Reading Mr. Thomas’ blog I realized that Dennis Hernandez knows nothing about the First Amendment the constitution.

On that fateful morning of January 10, 2013 Mr. Hernandez walked with the Assistant Principal of Social Studies Dan Albetta to First Avenue to meet Principal David Jimenez to confront Mr. Thomas about his blog. (According to Hernandez he was upset because Mr Thomas drew him as a toilet brush. Personally, I would have drawn him as a pair of kneepads.)

After reading Hernandez’s testimony I am sure that the one conversation that was not going on was about Mr. Thomas’ first Amendment Rights. (According to Hernandez’s testimony Thomas had no right to be handing out those flyers on a public street corner. Especially after a national tragedy. I assume he was referring to Sandy Hook.)

Question: How does a man peacefully handing out flyers compare to a psychopath with an assault weapon?

He is my answer: It times that these clowns stop desecrating the memory of those innocent children for their own personal gain.

(Dennis feel free to place you answer in the comment section. I’ll post it that called Freedom of Expression its protected by the First Amendment.)

Since Hernandez’s testimony occurred four to five months after the attack and he testified to discussing the case with Jimenez and Albetta I just figured that Albetta and Jimenez would have explained that the first Amendment guarantees that right to freedom of Speech, Religion, the Press and Expression. it also guarantees the Right to peaceful assembly (the video shows Mr. Thomas was peacefully handing out flyers prior to being harassed by the goon squad) it also protect people’s rights for a redress of grievance (This means that if the people disagree with something the government does. The people have the right to complain about it).

Unfortunately for Hernandez, Mr. Albetta’s knowledge of history is limited. He is the AP of Social studies in title only. Mr. Jimenez’s knowledge of the first amendment is often confused with the second amendment. Read the post at This may explain Mr. Bradley’s reluctance to testify. He knew that they violated Mr. Thomas’ First Amendment Rights. Maybe Mr. Hernandez should have spent more time in my classroom learning history then outside my room trying to dig up dirt on me.


One thought on “The Greatest Soccer coach in the history of Manhattan Center

  1. Hernandez, such a big head, so little brains…

    Did he seriously testify in court that he believes the 1st amendment of freedom of speech is nullified by HIS OWN INTERPRETATION OF WHAT HARASSMENT MEANS?

    Watch out people. Here is another radical and dangerous thinker working at MCSM.

    There was NO EVIDENCE that Mr. Thomas was assaulting, harassing, or ACCOSTING students, yet they felt compelled to infringe upon his first amendment rights…

    Mr. Hernandez’s testimony was extremely hostile…Not only does he lie, but he admits to taking the law into his own hands and that freedom of speech is limited in his OWN OPINION or PERSPECTIVE.

    Talk about POWER going to your head. That explains his gigantic dome…

    It’s full of HELIUM instead of brain cells…

    He also lied.

    He said Mr. Thomas never made an attempt to leave initially.

    The video shows Mr. Thomas WALK AWAY after they bothered him.

    Yet another example of Perjury…

    The courts are going to have a field day with these perjury charges being filed against them.

    They are their own worst enemies.

    The truth has a funny way of shining light into the darkest hearts of men.


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