Fischer Vs DOE

Fischer Vs DOE

On June 21, 2007 at 12:03 pm Daniel Albetta sat in a room at 100 Church Street to give his deposition in the case of Jack Fisher vs the DOE.

As I read this deposition I realized that this is the Dan Albetta playbook.

Question: Did anyone try to stop her (Automotive High principal Ms. Melissa Silberman) from pushing him (Jack Fischer) out?

Albetta: No because Ms. Silberman is very vindictive person and if you got it her way she got even with you.

This sound a little like Freud’s projection theory. According to Freud you project your inner feelings onto other people. I bet now Danny boy looks back at this testimony and sees himself.

Question: Did you (Albetta) have any problems with her(Silberman)?

Albetta: Yes Professional Problems, but I kind of fell into the same category. I resigned my position in November 2006. I told her it was for Personal problems. That I did want to be there anymore, but I was fearful if she knew the real reasons why. I didn’t want to be there. She would do anything possible to ruin my career. BUT I LIED TO HER about why I was leaving.

Here is the kicker to this Albetta admits to lying to save his own skin, yet everything Albetta feared that Silberman was going to do to him he eventually did to me.  Because of his vindictive nature he nearly ruined my career and costed me $15,000.
At one point in his deposition he states that Silberman started a witch hunt and was going to fill his file with letters. I will pay Kudos to Mrs. Silberman if everything Albetta says about you is true ( I’ll take this a face value knowning Albetta ability to Lie on Cue) you must be a great educator because everything in this deposition he uses today to intimidate the staff at Manhattan Center.

Here is a warning David, Albetta had no problem turning on one principal what makes you think your special.

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