Hey Geppetto, who can we tell lies about next.

Hey Geppetto who can we tell lies about next.

After reading Mr. Thomas’ blog
http://www.mcsmledger.blogspot.com. and living through my 3020a I have one question How can anyone believe the administration at MCSM?

In both trials Mr. Albetta’s testimony was shaky at best. The majority of his answers left him sounding like a cross between Oliver North (I don’t recall) and Mark Furman ( I’ve never used the N word.) Beside these two case Mr. Albetta has been involved in the Felicia Bray case and Fischer vs DOE. One would figure with all this experience in a court room he would be able to tell the truth. Oddly enough, the Fischer case got Albetta exiled from Automotive High School where he was an AP from February 2006 to January 2007. Albetta was demoted in 2007 to teacher and came to MCSM.

On the other had Mr. Jimenez’s testimony were filled with lies and rants that reminded me of a southern preacher on an anti homosexual tear. In Mr. Thomas’ hearing Jimenez is just a bad actor from a second rate Novella with a horrible supporting cast.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bradley’s testimony in both trials were filled with half truths. Bradley’s soft shoe approach is liken to someone who should be selling used cars or on one of those late night infomercials. ” Brian Bradley here for Double talk.” Does your supervisors often force you to do their dirty work. Well try my new program Double talk. With this simple two step program you can talk your way out of anything.

Finally we have Mr. Hernandez. Hernandez is true bottom feeder. Mr. Hernandez is the loyal to only Mr. Albetta or he is? Mr. Hernandez once explained to a colleague how to handle Mr. Albetta.

“I’ll show you how to handle Mr. Albetta. Just agree with everything he says. Never talk back to him because ya know he’s a shark. He’s very sensitive and whatever he says goes. Just nod your head and go along with whatever he wants even if you think he’s dead wrong.”
Hey Danny Boy it looks like your boy has other plans for you.


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