Is my nose growing yet, Geppetto


Today, Mr. Thomas posted the cross examination of Mr. Albetta on his blog A numbeor of things in Albetta’s testimony caught my attention. For example, Mr. Thomas’ lawyer asked, “why didn’t you notify school security?”
Albetta’s stated in his testimony that “THE REASON WHY I MADE THE DECISION (NOT TO NOTIFY SCHOOL SAFETY) WAS BECAUSE I HAD A CONTENTIOUS RELATIONSHIP WITH THE LEVEL 3 ALEXANDER FELICIANO.” Oddly enough this is not the only contentious relationship Mr. Albetta has had at MCSM. Let’s see, Mr. Silvers, Mr Decruz, SSA Frazier, SSA Garcia,and the majority of the History department just to name a few. I’m glad to see that Mr. Albetta has finally told the truth about something. Even if it did make himself look bad. Way to go Danny Boy.

The other thing that caught my attention was when Mr.Thomas’ lawyer used the word subsequent.
Albetta replied what do you mean by subsequent? I guess Danny Boy could not extrapolate the meaning by using the contents of the conversation.
During one of my bogus post observations Albetta had wrote that I did use an extrapolation of facts. When I asked Albetta to explain what he meant by an extrapolation of facts he stated how should I know. I replied, you wrote in my post observation report.
After reading Albetta’s direct testimony and cross examination on Mr. Thomas’ blog, I have concluded that Albetta is a cross between Pinocchio and the Scarecrow from the wizard of oz.


2 thoughts on “Is my nose growing yet, Geppetto

  1. Is he saying that he was in a gay relationship with this Feliciano person and didn’t report to him because of a lovers quarrel?

    Does it even matter whether he had a problem with the guy or not? Shouldn’t he be reporting for the sake of following protocol ANYWAY. Don’t the NYPD work with the school officers anyway? Doesn’t make sense. Sounds like he’s trying to blame somebody else for doing something bad.

    And finally, forget his contentious relationship, he coulda dialed 911 but didnt until way after the fact.

    He should be fired for that alone.

    Nothing else matters. He thought students were in danger and didn’t call the authorities.


    Dangerous Decision.

    Somebody should report this to the Chancellor or something. I wouldn’t want my kid in that school.

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