Daniel Albetta the greatest storyteller since

https://www.change.org/petitions/remove-daniel-albetta-assistant-principal-of-social-studies-security-health-physical-education-and-athletic-director-from-the-manhattan-center-of-science-and-mathematicsDaniel Albetta the greatest storyteller since

I just finished reading Mr. Thomas’ blog
http://www.mcsmledger.blogspot.com. Today, Mr. Thomas posted the direct testimony of Mr. Albetta. The first thing I noticed is how different the testimony of Albetta is from that of Bradley. Bradley stated that they met in

Mr. Albetta’s office for approximately 15 minutes before leaving the school. Albetta’s testimony is “As I walked out I saw Mr. Hernandez who is a teacher.(Funny thing Jimenez and Bradley called him the Dean) and Mr.Bradley as I was walking out with my coat. I said would you come outside with me.” I wonder who is lying, but since the Arbitator (Lisa Brogan) in my 3020A called Bradley the most creditable out of all the administrators. I believe he’s telling the truth. The same Arbitator also questioned Albetta’s credibility.

The second thing I noticed was the originality of Albetta’s testimony when talking about the alleged attack on Mr. Jimenez. “I was totally shocked It was surreal. I couldn’t believe this happened. I did expect to see it. These are the same words exact words Albetta used when testify about the alleged incident on the FDR. Now I’m assuming he read these words in a script somewhere because at my 3020a he could have won an Oscar for his performance.

What I also noticed is that Bradley said that Mr. Thomas hit Jimenez with his fist, but wasn’t sure how many times. Albetta said that Mr. Thomas hit Jimenez with an elbow. The reality is that Mr Jimenez flopped to the ground without being hit. The second problem is that Bradley and Albetta had creative differences on this part of the script.

Mr. Albetta also claims that the Mr. Thomas’ blog upset him because of fabrications and lies. What!!! Mr. Albetta is the king when it comes to fabricating a story. In my 3020a Mr. Albetta changed the FDR story a number of times. He has also filed a number of false OSI reports again me and other teachers. My personal favorite of these fabricated stories is how I intimidated a student because I had a mean look on my face as I walked down the hall. The individual who questioned the student asked them has Mr. Silvers ever said anything to you. Their response no never.

In this strange fairy tale (once again David this is not a sexual reference.)

Mr. Albetta is MCSM verison of Pinocchio, while Mr.Jimenez is Geppetto

8 thoughts on “Daniel Albetta the greatest storyteller since

  1. Mr. Albetta: Then the next thing I saw was Mr. Thomas yank and pull Mr. Jimenez up, like he yanked with his arm back. He yanked him up, Mr. Jimenez, like his feet went out from underneath him, he fell straight on to his back.
    As he was falling, I recall seeing Mr. Thomas, with his left elbow, hit him in the head area. Then, at that time, Mr. Jimenez was laying on the floor. I was like totally shocked. I was surreal. I couldn’t believe this happened. I didn’t expect to see this.


    Mr. Bradley:
    I saw–you know, it happened so quickly. I saw Mr. Thomas, like, pull Mr. Jimenez down, and Mr. Jimenez was on the floor. At that time I saw several, like, punching motions to the, you know, directed at my boss’, in Mr. Jimenez’ face, facial region.
    THE COURT: The witness took his right hand and arm and moved it to the right side of his body, and across his body a number of times.
    Q. So which hand did you observe Mr. Thomas striking your boss with?
    THE COURT: Do you recall?
    THE WITNESS: The right hand, because it was the same hand that he shook his hand, and was like kind of a pulling motion.
    Q. It was the same hand that he shook his hand with, and, as you testified, used to pull Mr. Jimenez down?
    A. Yes.
    Q. At what point did the punches begin?
    A. Immediately. As soon as Mr. Jimenez was on his back, on the floor, Mr. Thomas began to punch him.
    Q. He was on his back on the floor?
    A. Right.
    Q. Was he lying flat on the floor?
    A. He was kind of kicking and wriggling. He wasn’t just lying there in a sleeping motion. He was trying to–he was struggling a little to get up.
    THE COURT: The witness moved his hands up and down in front of his body.
    Q. His entire body was across the floor in some fashion, would that be fair to say?
    A. That’s fair to say.
    Q. It’s at this point, when he’s in this position, that Mr. Thomas begins striking him with the same hand that he shook his hand with?
    A. Right.


    1. Bradley says DJ was PULLED DOWN..

    2. Albetta says DJ was PULLED UP….

    3. Jimenez says….(READ BELOW – BUT IN SUMMARY)

    Q. Describe what happened when your hands connected.
    A. He grabbed my hand and jolted me to the ground.
    Q. Jolted you to the ground. Describe how he did that.
    A. He pulled down on my hands.
    Q. On your hands or your hand?
    A. He grabbed my hand and pulled my arm downward.
    Q. Pulled you downward?
    A. Very, very hard.
    Q. Towards him?
    A. Towards him. Towards his side.
    Q. You mentioned that while he did that you twisted 180 degrees?
    A. Yes, because I lost my balance.
    Q. In which direction did you twist, towards your right or towards your left?
    A. I twisted towards my right.
    Q. You twisted towards your right?
    A. Yes.
    Q. So he is reaching out his right hand, like I’m reaching out mine?
    A. Yes.
    Q. And you’re reaching out your right hand?
    A. Yes.
    Q. And it’s your testimony that he pulled you forward and then you twisted 180 degrees towards your right?
    A. Yes.
    Q. At some point you felt your face–something impact your face; is that correct?
    A. Yes.
    Q. What side of your face did that impact?
    A. Left side.
    Q. You’re not sure what exactly it was that hit your face, are you?
    A. Not sure, but–I’m sure it was his arms. I’m just not sure if it was his fist.
    THE COURT: You didn’t see what hit you, did you?
    THE WITNESS: I really didn’t see what hit me.

  3. SO what do we believe here?

    We have 3 grown men with three different stories…

    One thing’s for sure, at least 2 if not 3 of them are DEAD WRONG…

    unless Mr. Thomas is “The Hurricane” that has the power to put another grown man, UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT ALL AROUND AND BACK AGAIN FRONT BACK EAST WEST…

    LOL, Mr. THOMAS, you have earned yourself a new nickname by the trio of liars


    I can hear it now…ROCK MUSIC…by the SCORPIONS…



    HERE I AM…..

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