” Even if you a…

” Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.” Mahatma Gandhi

I began this blog to put the truth about the problems at Manhattan Center for Science and Math high school out into public view and it seems to has worked. As of this morning this blog has over 10,000 views. I began this adventure as a minority of one. I researched and FOILED for documents. I have uncovered numerous criminal acts, been faced with the intimidation actions of Mr. Jimenez and his band of cronies, yet I still continue to write this blog. My goal is justice for myself and all of those who were pushed out because they wouldn’t play the game. As I read Mr. Thomas’ blog and the court documents of Ms.Bray and the P card reports I wonder how anyone could have allowed these individuals to remain in power this long.I watched as Mr. Jimenez destroyed the career of Evan DeCruz because of Mr. Albetta. Mr.DeCruz placed the remnants of his career on the line to support me at my 3020a. I am indebted to Mr. DeCruz for his testimony. In my neighborhood Mr. Decruz would be considered a stand-up guy. Mr. Jimenez on the other hand has basically black listed Mr. De Cruz. Unfortunately, Mr. De Cruz is not the only good young teacher Mr. Jimenez has forced out with his harassment tactics. Mr.Tolley, Ms. Cordetti, Ms.Gonzalez, and others have faced similar fates. This blog is not about humiliating the administration they have already done that to themselves. This blog is about seeking justice. Something many of us still waited for, for a long time.




One thought on “” Even if you a…

  1. After reading the entire blog I now understand why you seek justice. If your story mirrors all the others then you all deserve Justice.

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