The word of the day is Removal

The word of the day is Removal

After reading Mr. Thomas’ today I could help but notice that Mr. Bradley interpretation of the word removal. Its seems that the administration at Manhattan Center is great at spinning the interpretation of words or phrases. For example, I suggested that Mr. Albetta may have been drinking the day with the incident on the FDR drive. Now some how in the feeble mind of David Jimenez Drinking and Driving = Mr. Albetta’s sexuality. In Mr. Bradley’s testimony the word removal became the most violence word ever created. According to Mr.Bradley the word removal meant that Mr. Thomas had planned to injured Mr. Jimenez. Now realize Bradley is a man with a PHD in Education. So based on this one can interpret that Bradley can teach. When in reality Bradley team teaches with an excellent teacher that covers all of Bradley’s weaknesses which he showed during his Demo Lesson.


When it comes to education Mr. Bradley’s PHD is about as reliable as his testimony at Mr. Thomas’ hearing.


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