I want to be an actor or a musician.

As I was reading Mr. Thomas’s blog today              (http://www.mcsmledger.blogspot.com) about Mr. Bradley’s testimony I realized that I had heard the same testimony on February 6, 2013. The testimony came from Mr. Albetta at my 3020a hearing.

Albetta’s testimony: ( Discussing the alledge incident on the FDR drive. using a dramatic voice) But I saw the boy screaming out the window screaming profanities and pointing towards me. ” I was absolutely shocked. It was surreal. I couldn’t believe this was taking place.

City lawyer: and if anything what did you do upon seeing this.

Albetta: I took out my phone and I called Mr. Jimenez and reported to him immediately.

Bradley’s Testimony: (Discussing alleged incident with Mr. Thomas) I was shocked. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing there.

Bradley: Either it was Mr. Albetta or Mr Hernandez l’m not sure who did but someone contacted Mr. Jimenez.

Question: When did Jimenez join the Police Department? Because if I saw a child hanging out a moving car window or someone accosting students I would call the police and not Mr. Jimenez.

I wonder how much time these two individuals spent rehearsing their testimony. I can see the two of them now preparing for the performances. Talk about an odd couple. Funny thing when I saw their performance on the video it shows that Mr. Bradley, Mr. Albetta and Mr. Hernandez were the aggressors. I guess Albetta learned that from his role in West Side Story. Oh yeah that right he played the babbling boob Officer Krupke.

As for who called Mr. Jimenez on that “Extremely cold January day” it was no doubt Mr. Albetta. Its seems Jimenez is Albetta’s father figure and every time he gets in trouble he calls Jimenez. (I’m assuming he learned that from Rebel without a Cause. Bad News your not James Dean.)


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