Who’s in charge here

I took the comment from http://www.mcsmledger.blogspot.com  I found this commnet to be extermely profound:

Anonymous January 19, 2014 at 2:07 PM Well after reading the New York Post today I’m beginning to get a clearer picture of how the DOE deals with Lunatic principals. It seems that teachers at PS 106 in Queens have suffered the same fate as teachers Manhattan Center. For example, the principal at PS 106 is described as” a tryant and rude lunatic administrator who spurred an exodus of excellent teachers.” Sound familiar. ” “Handsomely furnishing her own office and squandering funds on catering and decorations.” Ringing a bell yet. “Teacher morale at an all time low.” Still not ringing a bell. The principal at PS 106 was a graduate of the Leadership Academy. Could there be a connection? Maybe the part of the harassment of staff. This women is a Jimenez clone.

How does the Department of Education allow these two obvious unqualified individuals remain principals for so long without any repercussions?




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