The Prozac Crew

The street corners of East Harlem use to be home to some of the toughest crews in NYC, but today I realized that a new crew has emerged on the corner of East 116 th street and Pleasant Ave. This crew only emerges once a day. The Prozac crew is led by Dan (No Talent)Albetta and his yes man sidekick Dennis (Kneepads) Hernandez.They are closely connected to Denise (Dizzy) Winchester and Brian (Snakecharmer) Bradley. Every day this group emerges from their select dungeons and meet on the corner to plot the destruction of another teacher’s career. During certain day their leader, David (El Jefe) Jimenez will appear from his underground cavern to join them and fly their flag. In the past 6 years this crew has basically dismantled Manhattan Center Help end this reign of terror Check out the links below.

3 thoughts on “The Prozac Crew

    • Candy,
      I had to edit your post because of the language used. I understand your feeling towards this group, but I can’t put up inflammatory language I will not lower myself or my readers to the administration standards. Thanks for your comment.

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