The Truth is Marching on!!!!

The truth will set ye free check out for the truth on the Mike Thomas incident.

A former student has posted an online petitions seeking the removal of Principal David Jimenez and Assistant Principal Dan Albetta.


4 thoughts on “The Truth is Marching on!!!!

  1. Great post. I love Mr. Thomas’ blog especially the line “he drew me as a Buttocks.” (Here is irony the song playing on the radio as I’m writing this is called Da Butt.) I signed both petitions. Hopefully, the petitions get these two psychopaths removed.

  2. Thanks to your blog everyone in the building thinks I’m a crony. I am not a crony, but just someone trying to survive in this disaster. I recently overheard that the principal is planning on closing the College office. I personally think that’s a bad idea. I have read your blog since mid October I was surprised to see my name in it and i was going to confront you about it, but I am fearful that the administration may see me talking with you and get the wrong idea.

    • First i’ve wrote about a few people in this blog. So since i don’t know who you are feel free to speak to me any time. I am not the monster the administration makes me out to be. The truth is I’m fighting for all those who refuse to stand up to a bully. That’s what scares the administration. They pumped up their chest and thought they
      were going to scare me. Well they got a surprise when I didn’t back up. I took their best shot and continue to counter punch. Maybe you should try it.

  3. The fact that you stated you are fearful of your own administration sums up the entire issue at heart. Principal Jimenez and his cronies have created a climate of fear that does not belong in the field of education. I don’t feel sorry for you because everyone in that school suffers the same indignities as you because the school’s social climate is a direct reflection of the principal’s fears that he projects onto the staff. It’s like having an abusive father that you’re afraid to tell anyone about. He may not be abusing you now but he’s doing it to your siblings and one day, eventually, he will abuse you.

    The only way to solve the problem is to remove the source. The source has and always will be the principal and his cronies.

    Crony, or not, you should be fearful. Jimenez is a snake. Where he lacks for valor he makes up for with slyness and venom. When you least suspect it he will bite.

    Where he lacks for wisdom, he makes up for with cunning. Where he lacks for intelligence he makes up for with cleverness. Where he lacks for trust he makes up for with lies. So this cycle will continue as long as he is in charge.

    The world would have been a much better place had he never been born.

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