Above the Law

Above the Law

As the year anniversary of the attack on a former teacher approaches and the start of my 3020A hearing. I have to ask one question where is the Justice for us?

Almost a year ago Mr. Albetta, Mr Hernandez
and Mr. Bradley left the Manhattan Center for Science and Math building with one goal in mind, stopping that former teacher from handing out flyers to his blog. As these three individuals approached from one side. Mr. Jimenez according to witnesses approached from the rear. The rest is history, but the reality is these individuals committed a number of criminal and civil offenses.
1. Leaving their civil service job without proper authorization. This amounts to stealing city time and taxpayer’s dollars. (If Mr. Jimenez authorized them to go then he possibly could be charged with conspiracy to commit a violent act.)

2. These individuals may have committed a criminal offense by leaving the building as a group to confront the former teacher under NYS Penal law that is acting in concert and or rioting.

3. At the trial Dennis Hernandez noted that the former teacher could not hand out flyers. Because its was against the law. I see that his pal Mr. Albetta AP of the History Department forget to tell him about the First Amendment and that it allows for Freedom of Speech and the handing out of the flyers did not constitute a clear and present danger. This means that the former teacher was within his right to hand out the flyers.(Oops that would mean Albetta knew something about history,Yeah Right) So it seems that these three might have also violated Federal law.

4. Mr.Albetta on the other hand forced students to erase any video that they had taken. This amounts to the destruction of evidence. Another Criminal offense. (It is here were common sense takes over. If the former teacher actually attacked these individuals and Mr. Jimenez wouldn’t video tape evidence support their story. Unless?)

5. According to witnesses Mr. Jimenez took a flop and laid on the floor with ever being touched. The would constitute Perjury or lying in court which I know Jimenez is comfortable with from my 3020a hearing and the words of Arbitrator Lisa Brogan ” He suffered a major blow to his creditability when discussing charges in specification 1.” Simply stated he lied. Lying seems to come easy to Jimenez and his cronies. But lying in court is a criminal offense.

“No man is above the law and no man is below the law:nor do we ask any man’s permission when we ask him to obey it.”
Teddy Roosevelt

At Manhattan Center for Science and Math High School it seems that administrators are above the law and teachers are below it. Teachers should obey the law while administrators blatantly break the law. If teachers seek justice there is none!


2 thoughts on “Above the Law

  1. Jimenez is a goddamn liar. He should be polygraphed and the people he’s messed with should get to ask the questions. He would fail miserably as would all his henchmen. POLYGRAPH that POS.

    They lie under oath. That is disgusting. Everyone knows Mr. Thomas didn’t touch that clown. He took a flop so he could get 2 weeks off from his job. Period. End of Story. He should not have even been in the vicinity of Mr. Thomas that day. The worst part is that the wrong person is on trial here.

    He should be the defendant, not Mr. Thomas.

    I can’t believe that idiot Hernandez said he’s not allowed to hand out pamphlets. He must think this is a communist country. Well, he works for a goddamned dictator but he doesn’t even see beyond MCSM, that drunkard fool…

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