SCI case# 20121786

In June of 2013, I was interviewed by two people from SCI concerning the issue of a Facebook page created by someone in the name of David Jimenez. The investigators showed me a typed letter anonymously written by a student. They also assured me that “this has nothing to do with all the other stuff between you and the administration.” Oddly, enough only my and another individual’s name appeared on this letter. Unfazed by their good cop bad cop routine I told them the same thing I told Lawrence Scott in 2011. “I don’t have Facebook if I didn’t talk to you thirty years why do I want to talk to you today.” When I told the investigators I found it odd that they responded to type written anonymous letter they said ” we check out all cases.” I then said, funny thing I filed an SCI complaint against Jimenez on May 3 2012 for harassment and retaliation. They asked me if I had the case # I looked in my email and found it SCI case # 20121786. I also gave them the name of the investigator. The best part is that I filed it under my name and not anonymously like ever OSI or SCI investigation that occurs at Manhattan Center.


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