Comic Relief

I now know why Jimenez got off (no pun intended) during the Bray incident. It seems that the Office of Special Investigation is just as corrupt as Jimenez. In a NY Post article called Teacher: Prober said sex would get me off the hook. it seems OSI investigator Lawrence Scott allegedly sent X-rated materials and demand sex from a female teacher who was under investigation. Oddly enough, Mr Scott had investigated false allegations made by Mr. Jimenez and Mr. Albetta against me and two other teachers in 2011. While our charges were unsubstantiated, I have to asked this question: Why did serious complaints like those filed by Ms.Bray basically go unanswered? Jimenez often brags about having friends at OSI and SCI. I’m wondering just how many of those complaints filed against Jimenez were investigated by people like Lawrence Scott.


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