The P in P-Card stands for Parking not Procurement

The P in P-Card stands for Parking not Procurement

While Principal Jimenez does not have a city-owned vehicle, he did use the P-card to park in his privately owned vehicle in Parking lots throughout the city. Between 4-8-2009 and 1-19-2012 Mr Jimenez used the P-Card eight times at private parking garages totalling $198.00 in parking fees plus interest. On 11-18-2011 he used a New York City parking meter in Long Island City and charged the amount of $8.00 to the P-card.(Jimenez could have went to a bank and got a roll of quarters and saved the interest rate on the $8.00. On second thought its not his money so why should he care.) The use of the P-Card is strictly limited as I posted earlier. Jimenez has a blatant disregard for the rules when it comes to using taxpayers’ money.

Why wasn’t Jimenez reprimanded for using the P-card for parking?

8 thoughts on “The P in P-Card stands for Parking not Procurement

  1. So far it seems Mr. Jimenez has ripped off the city of New York for airline tickets, hotels, gifts,food and parking. All on our tax dollar. Nice life.

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