Sub Lesson Plans

    On March 5, 2013 I received the following email from Mr. Albetta about my Sub Lesson plans (These are lessons in case I’m absence.) 

    Thank you for bringing the sub lesson plans to my office today.  Please be mindful that you will be asked to replenish your sub lesson plans when Rosie informs either myself or Ms.Winchester that you have only one remaining on file in the main office.

    On March 12 2013 I rreceived the following email from Mr. Albetta 

    Mr. Silvers, Rosie does not have sub lesson plans for your classes in the main office. Please bring 3 sub lesson plans to the main office and give them to Rosie by Wednesday March 13,2013.

    Friendly reminder

    All sub lesson plans must be stored in the main office Please do not give your sub lesson plans to Ms. Chu of any other staff member.

     On March 12, 2013 I sent the following email to Mr.Jimenez

    Mr.Albetta claims that I do not have any sub lesson plans see the above email in which Mr. Albetta thanks me for my sub lesson plans I also have a signed receipt from Mr. Albetta.

    On March 12 2013 at 4:33 pm  received the email from Mr. Jimenez

    Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention today. Mr. Albetta does indeed acknowledge that you gave him 4 US Lesson plan and 3 Government Lesson plans. However you did not give them to Rosie who is responsible for keeping them. Since you gave him a copy his desk was cleared and he is no longer in possession of his copies of your lesson plans. Please be advised that there is no need to give him copies of your lesson plans unless he specifically request them. Always give them directly to Rosie. You are not being penalized for this, but we ask that you give copies to Rosie next time you are in the building.

     David Jimenez

    My questions are:

    How incompetent is Mr. Albetta?

     Why Does Jimenez protect him every time he screws up?

    How is it that an AP of history refuses to take Sub Lesson plans especially when he has to make sure the material matches the curriculum?

     How lazy is Mr.Albetta?




    It’s obvious from this email chain that Mr. Alberta was targeting me for another fraudulent write up, but because his vendetta against me was foremost in his pea brain mind he forgot that he signed a receipt and sent me an email acknowledging that he indeed did have my sub lessons.


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