I’m not like Dan

In September of 2012, Ms. Denise Winchester, Assistant Principal of Organization (Now there is a laugh) made it a daily habit to mock Mr. Albetta in front of me. She would make fun of how Albetta walked and talked. She would said things like “I’m going to U rate you.” Using a Brooklyn accent. I asked her to stop making comments and mocking Mr. Albetta in front of me. Ms Winchester’s comment to the request ” Don’t worry I’m not like Dan.”  When I asked her what she meant by that comment, she stated you know.” I even brought this up to Mr. Jimenez during one of my frivolous write-up. This was a mistake on my part by  October 27, 2012 I had become Ms. Winchester’s primary target She had wrote me up for not sitting in front of the boy’s bathroom  during my C-6 because I had taken a student who was wandering the halls and disrupting the educational process back to class. After I received the write-up and was verbally assaulted by Ms Winchester I signed the write up to avoid any more torment by her. I wrote a response back to the write up stating that I am only signing this document because of Ms. Winchester’s unpredictable and sometime violent behavior. (In June of 2011 Two staff members were retiring Ms Winchester had organized a white trash BYOB party. Feeling that these two people deserved better I went into my own pocket and many of my colleagues offered to help and together in 20 minutes we organized a nice lunch in for the two. Seeing this Ms. Winchester became high aggressive and hit me in the chest with a plaque she was carrying. This is an example of Intermittent Explosive Disorder. I reported the incident to Mr. Jimenez who basically blew me off saying she having problems at home.) The written response magically disappeared from my file. (Other teachers have reported the same thing happening to their files wonder what Jimenez is trying to cover up.)Ms. Winchester’s unpredictable behavior has also surfaced with other staff members. Her behavior is so bad that anytime Ms.Winchester has to talk with staff members Mr. Jimenez is always there to control her. I’m wondering if her behavior has to do with narcotic usages she once admitted to me and then asked me to sign an insurance paper as a witness. This occurred in Room 107a in front of another staff member in September 2009. 



4 thoughts on “I’m not like Dan

  1. I worked with her on a daily basis. She definitely has some form of psychological disorder. I think she is Bi-polar or has borderline disorder. She was crazy for sure. She fits right in with that administration.

  2. Her favorite line is I’m a single mother. Every conversation I had with her she would remind me
    Of that. I wonder how many other male staff members felt sexually harassed by her, but I guess if you want to be a member of this administration you must have a relationship with a subordinate or the custodian or the copy machine repairman

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