Common Sense now thats ironic

 In June of 2012, the blog the Destruction of MCSM ( was published by an individual named Thomas Paine. During my 3020A hearing the city lawyer questioned me about the blog.

City Lawyer: Have you ever heard of the Blog, The Destruction of MCSM?

Silvers: Yes I have, so have others at Manhattan Center

City Lawyer: Who is Thomas Paine?

Silvers: If I’m not mistaken he wrote Common Sense

City Lawyer: I’m referring to the author of the blog. Are you Thomas Paine?

Silvers: No

(I found the fact that someone used the name Thomas Paine ironic because if there is one thing that is lacking from the administration at MCSM it is Common Sense.)

On direct examination my lawyer had questioned me about another blog called, The Destruction of MCSM the Lies ( The blog specifically attacked me and referred to a Confidential OEO Report. The only people with access to that report were Mr. Jimenez, Mr. Albetta and myself. Mr. Cohen who was the chapter leader at the time only saw the report visually.

The blog made inferences to an incident that occurred on January 13, 2011 in room B-50. On that day Mr. Albetta came to my room for an unscheduled informal observation. (Needless to say I was U-rated again) After the lesson, Mr. Albetta, began harassing me for my lesson plan. I informed him that it was on my laptop. When I told Mr. Albetta that I would email it to him he called me unprofessional and began to leave the room. He returned suddenly when Mr. Cohen entered the room. Mr. Albetta’s behavior became extremely aggressive towards me and he began closing the distance between us. Mr. Albetta backed me into the wall behind me and began screaming in my face about being a professional. (Of Course at this point he lacked professionalism) Mr. Albetta yelled at me for a few moments before I felt that his halitosis was becoming too much for me to handle. At that point I said “Back the F%^& up.” Mr. Albetta retreated and began saying, “you called me a fag.” I responded, “no I didn’t.” Mr. Albetta continued to use the word fag until I responded, “take it any way you want.”

 On June 26, the blog The Destruction of MCSM the lies was made public by Will Wallace whom I believe is a member of the administration. The blog attacks me personally, but the one thing that caught me was the part about Gay Bashing. The author writes, “Recently, an investigator from the DOE (OEO office) substantiated that he verbally attacked another staff member using anti-gay slurs.”

Here is why I believe this blog was created by someone in the administration. The investigation in this case took place at the OEO offices at 60 Court street. No investigators ever came to the school. So only people involved in the case who have this knowledge. These people include Mr. Jimenez, Mr. Albetta, Mr. Cohen and myself. The other thing that caught my eye was the Freudian Slip OEO Office. This meant that the individual who wrote this was at the OEO Office. The reality is that at my 3020A the arbitrator basically threw out the OEO report, while she did note that the word fag may have came into play it was not meant as a sexual term, but rather a heat of the moment thing. 

 The blog also cites the following “He Frequently calls Mr. Hernandez “Albetta’s boy” a term sometime used in the gay community when referring to an older male’s lover. Oddly enough both OEO and the Arbitrator found this term to be unsubstantiated.

 This one is my personal favorite “Mr. Paine was allegedly required to attend sensitivity classes, but it seems this did not help.  During the time he attended these classes he was heard regularly mocking the instructor He told staff that the course was taught by a gay bastard.”

I wish the writer of this blog could get his story straight. I did attend a three hour sensitivity class, not classes. The class was taught by a woman who later testified at my 3020A. Now I know why they called this blog The Destruction of MCSM the Lies.

4 thoughts on “Common Sense now thats ironic

  1. I remember reading this blog and laughing because we all knew it was Mr. Silvers. The author of that blog should have came straight out and said Mr. Silvers did this. Wait that would me they needed to prove it and they couldn’t. As a veteran staff member I give Mr. Silvers kudos for standing up to the dictatorial administration Manhattan Center. Maybe the rest of us should follow his lead.

    • C-6 I thank you for your support and while I don’t condone insubordination, I do believe in documenting everything thing. I taped a number of conversations with the administration. Federal law and New York State law permits that one party must consent to being recorded.

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