Transparency part II

The New York City Department of Education’s regulation for usage of the Procurement Card (P-Card) is pretty straight forward. In a PowerPoint created by the Department of Education it simplify the Usage of a P-Card

<B. P-Card Usage

Emergency purchases; admissions; postage

Procurement guidelines apply: (…C8C2…/PCardInstructionalGuide)

Cardholders required to obtain 3 bids when:

Purchases exceed $250 or

Purchases where aggregate amount for

*single vendor

*within a single fiscal year

*exceed $2,500

Purchase banned via P-Card

Personal Services

Open Purchase orders

Cash advances

Split Billing

Out of Town Travel.

C- Part Card Limits

$15,000 maximum credit limit P-Card balance cannot exceed this amount at anytime

$2500 single transaction limit No individual purchase can exceed this amount

8 transaction per day maximum limit- P-card will be declined after 9th transaction in same day

Oddly enough Mr. Jimenez violated the P-Card Usage Regulations

On June 5, 2009, Using the name Jose David Jimenez he made 6 purchases from Expedia Travel totaling $8,503.76

The violated the amount for a single vendor in a fiscal year

The Purchases were also broken down so that non would exceed $2500

On June 8, 2009 Using the name Jose David Jimenez he made a purchase from CATHAY Pacific Airlines totaling $6,230.00 for airline tickets to Singapore.(

Also on June 8, 2009 there was another purchase in the name of Jose David Jimenez for Thai airline totaling 370.00 for a trip to Bangkok, Thailand. Thai airline major hub in the United States is Los Angeles and its cheapest fare to Bangkok from LAX is $3,700. Meanwhile the fare from Singapore to Bangkok is $370. this would violate the DOE regulations for using the P-card for Out of Town Travel as would the trip to Singapore (

The Grand total spend on the P-card for these trips $15,103.76 of Taxpayers money. This also violates the DOE of a $15,000 maximum credit limit. 

On July 1, 2009 Using the name David Jimenez a 187.41 purchase was made at the Brookstone retail shop at Kennedy Airport. According to the regulations set forth by the DOE purchased banned from the P-Card include Personal Services. The Brookstone stores are well known for it high end items(  Nothing in Brookstone would constitute an Emergency purchase; admissions or postage.  

On July 3, 2009 Using the name David Jimenez a purchase of $269.50 was made at Tung Kee Seafood and Game restaurant in Hong Kong this purchase violated the DOE policy on Out of Town Travel.

There are two simple questions

Why did Jimenez use taxpayer money to finance this trip?

Why was Milciades Pepin on the trip if Jimenez had issues with him?


12 thoughts on “Transparency part II

  1. As a lawyer I would be interested in seeing these actual documents. May I have your contact information as I am interested in going forth with a lawsuit. Or you can contact me. It seems that there was an egregious misuse of public funding and I specialize in these cases.

  2. We also can refer you to our fraud experts as if what you say is true then there is a criminal aspect to these violations as well. It seems that he used aliases or different versions of his name. This is illegal when it comes to public purchasing.

  3. I have read the whole blog and I have to agree with Mike. There are a number of criminal offenses listed in this blog. As Mike noted there is fraud and a misappropriation of public money. Other crimes cited herein are Sexual assault, Physical Assault, Sexual Harassment, Harassment, Menacing, gang assault and not to mention the possibility of child endangerment
    for the two students that had to be rescued from
    the river. What is he going to do for an encore

  4. After reading this posting I have one question. What educational value is there in a trip to Bangkok,Thailand? I really doubt that the Department of Education would approve a trip to that country.

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