Jimenez’s Greatest Hits

Jimenez's Great Hits

It seems Mr. Jimenez is trying to hide from this headline. So I just wanted to remind him about it.


Also I recently received a comment from an Evan Charles (I believe he is a member of the MCSM administration) below is his response to the blog. Take notice of the highly intelligent writing style of Mr. Charles.

Evan Charles
December 8, 2013 at 4:03 pm
You write like a 2nd grader!! Your a shameless idiot that is unable to accept responsibility for your own actions!! Enough is enough, grow up and move on with your life!

Mr. Charles,
Let me show give you an example of some of the second grade material I have to work with: “I’m sure our students being as sophisticated that they are could in fact learn things through the internet, the blogs.” Assistant principal Dan Albetta

Or read the transcript at http://mralbetta.blogspot.com/?m=1

4 thoughts on “Jimenez’s Greatest Hits

  1. It is true Mr. Jimenez and Mr. Albetta were plotting this since last week. Especially after a number of people began questioning some of the information on the blog. I guess its hard to hide from the truth. They also decided to used the name Evan Charles to discredit Mr. De Cruz. Unfortunately, for them the MCSM survival guide was written by me, a member of their administration.

  2. I just heard that interview on the other blog. AHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA

    Albetta, the businessman. Is your firm publicly traded? LOLOL

    What products do you specialize in?

    What are the shares of your business worth Mr. Albetta the business man.

    Mr. Albetta no. 499 on the FORBES List owning an invisible company that has made him a millionaire even though he works in education.

    He also is a BUSINESSMAN, and watch out, hes VERY VERY focused on his BUSINESS.

    OMG I think I’m dying from laughter.

    Business…are you serious bro? BUSINESS?

    unless you’re referring to Education as business (which it isn’t).

    The girl asking him yes and no questions and he’s answering yes AND no. then he’s like MAYBE ALWAYS ITS BEST TO BACK PROBABLY.

    Holy crap man, he really is the biggest idiot ever. You mean to tellme this dude Albetta works in a school and is a boss?

    So glad I don’t work for him. The best is when da girl said “SO HOW DID YOU LEARN ALL THESE THINGS” and he goes… “LIFE”

    Yathink? I don’t think you could learn nuttin if you were dead man….ahahahahahahhahah

    This dude can’t even speak normal, lolololololol This made my day


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