Last year’s Christmas Party letter

Last year's Christmas Party letter

The above image is an email that Mr. Jimenez sent out after last year’s Christmas party.
Dated Saturday December 15 2012 12:17pm
Dear Colleagues,
We had one of the best holiday parties ever last evening! Most of the faculty attended about 50 of us. We had a large representation from each department. Three of our department were fully represented.( Gym, and Foregin language and of course the 1 Dean) We enjoyed great music, dancing, conversation ( This I doubt very much) food and drinks( I wonder which APs drove home drunk.) It was nothing less than an overflowing of cheer and goodwill ( I’m sure Trujillo thought the same way.) Considering how hard you have worked for our students and our school community, it was well deserved.
Thanks to all who attended, especially to Christine Magee who organized this wonderful event. Ms Magee, since her arrival to our school has been a true force of unity and harmony. ( Simply stated she’s a crony) This is the third year that she has taken the initiative to organize these gathering. Each has been larger than the previous (Simply stated show up or be written up and ostracized as a malcontent.) and has served to bring our staff closer together.

Once again,thank you all for attending (read between the lines show up or else.)and I wish you and your families a happy holiday season.

I want to thank the AP who invited me to the Christmas Party today at Harley.

Don’t worry I know it was a joke, but that just like me always looking for a laugh.
If you really want to laugh Check out this


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