Getting the story straight

Getting the story straight

As I sat through my 3020a hearing I got to hear and later on I got to read the transcripts of the proceedings. For some odd reason while going over them I got an image of Mad magazine’s Spy Vs. Spy. Like those two bumbling spies the administration could not keep their stories straight. The only one out of Jimenez, Albetta, Winchester, Bradley and Hernandez that made any sense was Bradley. I assuming that because he the only one in that group that can actually read. Hernandez and Albetta told the same story ,but that because they share a brain.
Winchester’s nasty temper showed up when being questioned by my lawyer and she didn’t have Jimenez in the room to drag her away. Jimenez on the other hand couldn’t tell the truth if it was written on a piece of paper in front of him. All that missing from this group is Alfred E Newman.


4 thoughts on “Getting the story straight

  1. You write like a 2nd grader!! Your a shameless idiot that is unable to accept responsibility for your own actions!! Enough is enough, grow up and move on with your life!

    • I thank you for the response Mr. Jimenez, Mr. Albetta or Mr. Hernandez. First, let me start by saying if I write like a second grader its because I’m using your words so that must mean you speak like a second grader.
      Second, if I did something wrong I would accept responsibility for it, but the reality is that I did my job and was respected by both the staff and students and you couldn’t handle it. As far as your line “enough is enough” that must mean I’m touching on some sensitive issues and you can’t handle that either. Once again thank you for your response.

  2. Mr. Charles your response shows that you are uneducated. It also shows that the author of this blog is being to get to you. Face it the truth is Mr. Jimenez and Mr.Albetta worked together to get rid of Mr. Silvers because he would not back down even when you threatened him. Mr. Jimenez has no loyalty to anyone and when he was not with Mr. Albetta he would always say it” Dan’s doing ” When discussing the problem between Mr. Albetta and Mr Silvers and also with the issues with Mr De Cruz..

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