Gang Mentality, but heartless in reality

The following incident occurred On October 12 2010, at 10:44am in front of room B50 at the Manhattan Center for Science and Math High School. On the same date at approximately 9:45 am I had a post observation conference with Assistant principal Dan Albetta prior to the start of the conference I notified Assistant Principal Dan Albetta that I was taping the conference and notified him again three times during the conference. AP Albetta never said anything. During the conference, I questioned Mr. Albetta about something he wrote in my observation. He noted that I didn’t practice an extrapolation of facts.I asked Mr. Albetta what he meant by that. he replied” how should I know and why would you ask me that question.” I replied because you wrote it.” It was at that point Mr. Alberta ended the conference. At 10:44 am as my students were entering room B50 Mr. Jimenez and Mr. Albetta arrived Mr Jimenez began waging his finger in my face And yelling that he was going to write me up for insubordination. Meanwhile, Mr. Albetta took up a threatening pose with his arms folded and staring at me angrily. I immediately took a defensive posture and did not back up in hopes of defusing the situation. Mr. Cohen and a number of students had witnessed everything. The situation ended when I told Mr. Jimenez that I would discuss this issue after I finish teaching. As I walked into the class one student wanted to know if Mr. Jimenez was on medication.I did not response. Oddly enough, Jimenez showed his violent nature again with a female teacher about a month later. Ms.G had come to room B50 looking for Mr. Cohen who was the chapter leader at the time. As I was talking with Ms. G and telling her that Mr Cohen will be back in a minute I suddenly noticed that her eyes opened wide with fear it was at that point I heard Mr. Jimenez running up behind me screaming wildly that I better tell her who’s in charge By the time I turned around Mr. Jimenez was face to face with me screaming loudly to Ms. G that she owed him because he gave her a job. Mr.Jimenez’s Dragon breathe was unbearable and he suddenly turn his attack on me. Yelling at me that “it was my fault she was acting this way.” When I asked him to explain he just kept ranting on and sticking his finger in my face. Mr. Cohen had heard the commotion and ran in between Mr. Jimenez and Myself. Oddly enough, In late October of 2013 I was in the Love Cafe at 7:20am getting coffee and talking with a couple of people from Issac Newton. I had step outside to check on my car which was double park when I saw Mr. Jimenez in the middle of Pleasant Avenue. I didn’t say a word Suddenly, Mr. Jimenez turned around and ran back towards the school and up the steps almost falling in the process.

It was at that point that I remembered a day after one of my many frivolous write ups Mr. Jimenez looked at me and said “I’m tougher then you are.” Well David after that display I think you better rethink that quote.


3 thoughts on “Gang Mentality, but heartless in reality

  1. Mr. Albetta even using the term “extrapolation of facts” is hilarious because he can’t even spell or write with correct grammar. He’s a hack AP. All he does is use the latest buzzwords and catchphrases in education and randomly use them to make himself look smart. He is literally exactly like Peter Griffin from Family Guy but instead of being funny and buffoonish he’s sinister and stupid.

    Mr. Albetta calls people unprofessional whenever they question his authority or just ask him a reasonable question.

    He is a barely functioning social retard. He doesn’t know the difference between “Fourty” and “Forty”. Why do you think he rarely speaks publicly? Because he’s a complete jackass!

    He’d say:

    “alright everybody ya know, um, um I-I want everyone to use lesson plans with do now’s and um yaknow the regular stuff that goes in a lesson plan and um…ummm, make sure you deviate your instruction and make sure that regent test is high yaknow because I want medium and final summary too as well, you know the saying? Squeaky wheels are greasy… by the way did I mention I have 2 master degrees in fahrenheight and sellseeus, and now I’ll give the mic back to Mista HEEEEmenez (The guy I sold my soul to)?

  2. Oh and the student was ON-POINT in asking if Mr. Jimenez is on medication.

    It is a fact he is on Valium and possibly many other psychoactive drugs. He told me.

    I just think he’s on the wrong drugs because he is totally unstable mentally and that’s what leads to his irrational behavior like yelling, shouting, stamping, cursing and pointing.

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