Jimenez’s predictable Behavior

Principal David Jimenez will cry to those around him that he is the victim and that everyone is after him. This according to the DSM IV is Delusional behavior. The reality is Jimenez is the perpetrator in every incident. For Example, in the public document Bray vs NYC Department of Education Federal District Judge Densie Cote noted on page 13 “The recorded evidence, taken in most favorable to the plaintiff (Bray) Suggests that Jimenez repeatedly harassed the plaintiff over a period of months. Among the instances in which Jimenez is alleged to have acted inappropriately is a serious instance of sexual assault.” In my own3020a hearing arbitrator Lisa Brogan called into question Jimenez’s creditability and that fact that Jimenez and Albetta were actively involved in creating a hostile work environment. The same issues arise in the Article 78 hearing Deutsch vs Department of Education. In which a state judge overturned Jimenez’s U ratings of Mr. Deutsch. Oddly enough, their is another connection that binds these three cases together. Prior to Jimenez’s assault on them none of these individuals had ever been U rated. 



3 thoughts on “Jimenez’s predictable Behavior

  1. Mr. Jimenez’s goal is to use the hiring system as his own dating service. Its only a matter of time before the other female AP reports him for the same thing

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