School Surveys

School Surveys

The school surveys are the biggest joke in the Department of Education. For Example on April 5, 2012 I was interviewed by Jamel Boyer from the Office of Special Investigation about ethics violations related to the Survey. Mr. Jimenez was offering T-shirts to every student who filled out a survey in 2012 needless to that worked wonders for Mr. Jimenez as he received another F-rating. This year on March 15, 2013, I filed another complaint with the DOE because on March 14, 2013 Mr. Jimenez had offered a cash prize to the student organization that returned the most survey. I found this to be ethically wrong and notified Lauren Sypek who is the Director of New York City School Survey for the Department of Education. While I never received a response from OSI on my complaint in 2012, Ms Sypek did response back (Because the conversation between Ms. Sypek and I was verbal one and there are no documents supporting it I will not post her exact words.) Needless to say even with a cash prize and herding the teachers into the computer lab under the watchful eye of his cronies the best grade Mr. Jimenez could muster on the environmental part of the survey was a C , but it is the perfect grade for king of mediocrity.

2 thoughts on “School Surveys

  1. Well he got rid of 40% of the teachers that were there when he took over so logic would show that the teachers who replaced those that were driven out would vote positively for him. Ironically, it’s addition by subtraction for the former Math teacher turned worst principal in NYCDOE.

    That’s what he does. He gets rid of anyone he even thinks doesn’t support him. A sickening abuse of power. Alas, it continues…

    The statistics mean nothing anyway. His 89% graduation rate is a total farce. Jimenez ALLOWS the students to cheat and encourages the teachers to PASS failing students…

    George W. Bush started that with no child left behind.

    If all things were equal: The school’s statistics would be more like a 78% graduation rate and an overall 20% drop in regents scores across the board.

    It’s a fact he allows academic dishonesty to run rampant in the school. The kids cheat like there was no tomorrow. The teachers who fear the wrath of lil jimenez let it slide… Horrible…40 years ago when I was in HS you had to EARN your grades and teachers were on top of you to pass on your own abilities, rather than educational politics. My how things have changed/

    NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND (Including an immature principal)

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