Frivolous OSI Reporting

Frivolous OSI Reporting

On November 14, 2011, I had a meeting with my chapter leader and an Assistant Principal because assistant principal Dan Albetta had called in an allegation of corporal punishment against me. The allegation states that I had mean look on my face and a student who I never had any contact with found my facial expression threatening. The case was send to the Office of Special Investigation and kickback to the school because in reality it had no merit. The AP who handle the issue found the charge ridiculous and unsubstantiated the charge. Unfortunately this was not the first abuse of OSI by the administration at Manhattan Center In January 2010 I was called into the office of special investigation because Mr. Jimenez had stated that I had a Facebook page where I made sexually suggested comments about female teachers (This is the perfect example of what Freud meant by projection). I was called in with two other teachers and the charges once again were unsubstantiated. Now I am not the only teacher to be falsely investigated at Manhattan Center a number of my witnesses at my 3020a had similar stories.

Question: if filing a false police report is a crime offense the why isn’t logging false allegations to OSI punishable especially if there is a pattern?


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