Police Report

Police Report

A year ago this week I had a nasty confrontation with principal David Jimenez outside the Love Cafe in which he constantly reminded me that he had the right to the SECOND AMENDMENT, (which is the right to bear arms.) Principal Jimenez’s violence outburst that day and a conversation that took place a month earlier in which Mr. Jimenez had mentioned to me and another teacher that he had owned a 9mm Smith and Wesson caused me serious concerns about my safety.

Feeling threatened I immediately went to the 25th PCT and filed a police report for harassment. Considering Mr. Jimenez’s violence outburst that day I felt it was the best thing to do. On December 7 2012 Mr. Jimenez wrote me up for not removing a bulletin board that I was required to do. At that meeting which I taped I voiced my concerns about his violent outburst.

Mr. Jimenez noted “that he would never hurt me and that I don’t have to fear him.” Obviously, that wasn’t a true statement considering my position today. Oddly enough, I am not the only staff member to file a police report against a member of the administration of Manhattan Center three years ago another teacher filed a complaint at the same precinct.

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