Jimenez takes a dive

Jimenez takes a dive

This is an email sent to the MCSM staff by Principal David Jimenez on January 16, 2013 at 3:44 pm
As some of you may know by now I suffered an injury recently which has kept me from
attending work. Fortunately, I am recovering and plan to be at work soon. I want to thank the many who have wished me well. In the meanwhile please be advised Mr. Albetta is acting on my behalf. I am encouraged to know that I leave the school in the hands of highly capable APs.

The “injury” Principal Jimenez suffered came as a result of his own fault. Mr. Jimenez left the school building with Mr. Albetta, Mr. Bradley and Mr. Hernandez during school hours to confront a former teacher who was handing out flyers to his blog. According to people who saw the incident Mr. Jimenez reached to grab the teacher’s bag. The former teacher took a step as Mr. Jimenez lunged for the bag. Mr Jimenez flopped to the floor claiming he was injured.

Question: Why did Mr. Jimenez leave the building in the first place? If the former teacher was such a threat why not call the police?

Question: Why did Mr. Albetta and others force students to erase video of the incident. If Mr. Jimenez was truly attacked would those video recordings provide evidence for him? Unless Mr. Jimenez was the aggressor?

Question: Why were to APs Mr. Albetta and Mr. Bradley and one teacher Mr. Hernandez outside the building while on city time?

Question:Did Mr. Jimenez order them to go?

If he did and they did not go they would be insubordinate.This also means that Mr. Jimenez would have premeditated the act.

If they went on their own they were stealing city time and should have been investigated. This also means that they were acting in concert and menacing.

Mr. Jimenez claims that he had many well wishes. The majority of teachers had no idea he was absent because he spends the majority of his time hiding in his office and that where most people assumed he was during his absence.

Placing Mr. Albetta in charge only supports my claim (see Patterns of Behavior Jimenez Albetta relationship.) That Mr. Albetta runs the school and Mr. Jimenez is stooge.

As far as capable A.Ps I think not. This is part of the Narcissistic personality that Jimenez and Albetta share.


2 thoughts on “Jimenez takes a dive

  1. Jimenez had planned this for weeks even commenting on that blog that there was a meeting in the Love Cafe. In hopes for luring anyone who supported the blog

  2. Mr. Jimenez never got injured. He faked the injury to get out of work. That’s hilarious that he left Mr. Albetta in charge! HA! Sounds like he’s running an asylum, not a school. What a loony bin!

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