Bradley’s U rated Observation

On February 10, 2011, Assistant principal Brian Bradley came to observe me as part as the teacher’s improvement plan that I agreed to participate in. Mr. Bradley U rated me for the lesson he observed. It was at that point that I understood how far reachimg the corruption at Manhattan Center had become. A month before on January 10, 2011 during period 3 Mr. Bradley had conducted a demo lesson for me. The lesson was on the Bantu speaking people. Mr. Bradley had no lesson plan nor was there clear cut Aim on the PowerPoint Mr.Bradley used that day. This would have been an automatic U-rating according to Mr. Albetta’s U ratings of me. Mr. Bradley’s lesson was geared more to fifth graders then the ninth grade global history class I taught. I assume his background has something to do with this. Prior to be an AP at Manhattan Center according to Bradley”s testimony at my 3020A hearing, he was an AP at PS-IS 72 in Brooklyn and a special ed teacher at IS 347. Oddly enough, Bradley’s degree is in early childhood education and special education. This may have explained why at one point in the lesson he blew off a student’s question on assimilation. Mr Bradley’s lesson show little in differentiated instruction as a matter of fact he attempted group work with about 8 minutes left in the period. Mr. Bradley had chosen the groups randomly before class, but instead of sitting the kids in groups at the start of the period he wasted instructional time by moving them towards the end of the period. Mr. Bradley’s questioning technique was bad. He lacked higher order thinking questions. There were also a lot of Rapid fire questions from Mr. Bradley. This usually occurs when a teacher can not handle the uncomfortable silence that occurs when students don’t understand a question. Oddly enough Mr. Bradley’s lesson would have been U-rated. The lesson he did was designed so I would model it and do as he did. So I’m guessing I succeeded.

Argumentative questions
Why would Mr. Bradley be given a job in a high school went he clearly lacked the qualifications at high school level?

How did Mr. Bradley’s relationship with Mr. Albetta influence the hiring of an unqualified candidate?


3 thoughts on “Bradley’s U rated Observation

  1. I’m not surprised that Bradley’s Demo Lesson was poorly done. He is nothing but a used car salesman masquerading as an educator. How many of us can forget his ultimate act of incompetent. Displaying a student’s name while showing his IEP to the entire staff. How unprofessional

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