Patterns of Behavior The Jimenez and Albetta Relationship

In the spring of 2009, Mr. Jimenez sexually harassed then assistant principal Felicia Bray. The story which is part of the legal document  Bray vs Department of Education is one that shows Jimenez’s total disrespect of women and Mr. Albetta’s issue with people of color. ” Mr. Jimenez called Ms. Bray into an office opened a draw and showed Ms. Bray a dildo. Jimenez asked Ms. Bray does this belong here?” The incident occurred in front of Mr. Albetta. Oddly enough that same spring a bathroom fire had occurred in the 1st floor boy’s bathroom after the then AP of securityhad been summoned to a meeting outside of school.  The fire was discovered by Mr. Albetta who’s office was on the 1st floor. The incident led to a change in AP’s Mr. Albetta was made interim acting Assistant Principal of security. It is here where I had my first incident  with Mr. Albetta was when i was a dean. the incident involved a student who was African American had a verbal altercation with another student. As i was in the middle of sorting out the situation Mr. Albetta  demanded that the student come with him. As the student walked away from him Mr. Albetta demanded that the student be arrested. Mr. Albetta later stated that the student hit school security officer.  Mr. Albetta came to the Dean’s office afterward and stated that “if we don’t do this to these N-word now they’ll run all over us. I brought the incident to Mr. Jimenez who said since it was only Mr. Albetta and myself in the room it would be he said – he said, but Jimenez noted that he would handle it. Mr. Jimenez handled it alright from that day on I was under constant attack from Mr. Albetta. Oddly enough in December of 2009 Mr. Albetta was named assistant principal at the same time Ms Bray was given her discontinuance from Mr. Jimenez. On the other hand I was U-rated and harassed until I was given the 3020a hearing that this blog is about. 

Can anybody say PATTERN

Question: Who is really running Manhattan Center? 

My theory is that Albetta is running the building and Jimenez is a puppet at his whim. 



6 thoughts on “Patterns of Behavior The Jimenez and Albetta Relationship

  1. Mr. Albetta is a racist. He is the one who started that fire. It was a false flag to undermine AP Salek, head of security at the time. Mr. Albetta was seen suspiciously entering and exiting the bathroom until there was smoke coming out from underneath the door. He was the first responder because he STARTED the fire to make his boss look bad and stake his claim on the AP of Security job by making it look like he was a savior. He and the custodian at the time put the fire out with extinguishers. That custodian was removed less than a year later. Coincidence? There are eyewitnesses that will testify to Mr. Albetta going in and out of the boy’s bathroom during that 7th period. Just look at the facts: At the time Mr. Albetta was the dean. What are the odds of him being on the first floor in front of the boy’s bathroom to be the convenient first responder?

    Then ask yourself this: What kind of person would deliberately start a fire in a bathroom of a school to FURTHER HIS OWN CAREER. Someone could have died. I guess the safety of students comes second to Mr. Albetta’s desire for power. It’s so sad that he gets away with this.

    I also know of the incident your speaking of involving that student who he got arrested. The situation was calm and it was being resolved amicably until Mr. Albetta rode in on his high horse and butt in. The student was special ed. and was emotionally disturbed so Albetta knew if he aggravated him the student would become enraged. Oddly enough though, the student never hit that safety officer. He flailed because Mr. Albetta order the student to be physically accosted. I mean, who wouldn’t react like that if you were being touched by multiple people after you were in control and passive? It was a complete lie by Mr. Albetta, even the safety officer didn’t press charges or even claim he was struck on purpose.

    I guarantee had that student been white Mr. Albetta would not have aggravated him.

    Also, Mr. Voltaire, if you are interested in looking into that fire incident I have the contact information of the witnesses who saw Mr. Albetta start the fire.

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