Patterns of Behavior David Jimenez

Before I begin let me start by congratulating David Deutsch on his victorious Article 78 hearing. The following two statements are from Principal Jimenez.

David Deutsch Article 78

” it was not the first time Mr. Deutsch has been menacing and aggressive towards me and I would cite two other occasions very briefly in which he exhibited similar behavior, which was after the reassignment of who of his colleagues I believe who is a witness today.  And there are other incidents too numerous to mention…

John Silvers 3020a hearing

Arbitrator Lisa Brogan citing Jimenez

Jimenez found Silvers’ behavior to be abusive inappropriate menacing and unbecoming a professional..

Throughout my 3020a Mr. Jimenez made similar at statements for example on February 25 2013 My lawyer asked Mr. Jimenez if using the phrase put your cards on the table and let’s be honest was inappropriate.

Jimenez responded ” it was highly inappropriate and unprofessional and I’ll write hostile. In most places you would get fired for that.”

Interesting response by Mr. Jimenez especially the part about being fired I guess flashing a dildo to a female subordinate would get you a raise and a promotion

 Funny thing is I guess Jimenez, Albetta Hernandez and Bradley’s behavior was not menacing when they left school during school hours and tried to attack a former teacher who was handing out flyers.

Jimenez as I noted in an earlier posting is a professional victim. 

Here is something to think about, the arbitrator in my case questioned Jimenez’s credibility and now a state judge has basically said the same. So the question is who is Jimenez going to cry to now claiming he’s a victim.




2 thoughts on “Patterns of Behavior David Jimenez

  1. Jimenez is a victim…of being officially insane…time for the straight jacket and no Mr. Jimenez that is not a sexual comment…although it could be in your mind you brownie floor eating sneaker and jean wearing with blazer fashionista…

  2. funny cause I remember Jimenez doing the Charleston Dance followed by the Harlem Shake when he heard someone cursed out Mr. Deutsch…

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