Incompetent Unprofessional Supervisor

Incompetent Unprofessional Supervisor

On Monday May 6, 2013 at 1:21 pm I received the following email from Assistant Principal Daniel Albetta.

Dear Mr. Cohen and Mr.Silvers
Please meet with me Wednesday May 8 2013 Period 7 ( which is 1:02 pm to 1:45 pm) to go over the work both of you have done this year during common planning. Please be sure to bring all materials to this meeting.
Daniel Albetta
Assistant Principal
Security, Social studies Health and physical education, Athletic Director.
This email was CC to Mr. Jimenez and Ms Winchester.

This meeting never took place.
Mr.Cohen and I waited for 40 minutes outside Mr. Albetta’s office. When he returned with two minutes left in the period Mr. Albetta took the binder with work Mr. Cohen and I had completed. Mr. Albetta said “I will get back to you with some feedback.” That was on May 8 2013. Today is November 15 2013 and neither Mr. Cohen nor I have received any feedback. Oddly enough Mr. Albetta considers himself the most professional AP at Manhattan Center.

I have a number of theories why Mr. Albetta never showed up for that meeting.

1) Mr Albetta and Mr. Hernandez were shopping at Costco and Target for Granola Bars.
2) Mr. Albetta was plotting the destruction of another teacher’s career with Mr. Jimenez. Wait we saw Mr. Jimenez by his office that day.
3) Mr. Albetta was helping a female teacher write an email about transparency in the union.
4) Sneaking around the halls trying to dig up dirt on people.
5) Doing an observation yeah right.
6) Shopping at a second hand shop for clothes.

My one question is about the work I handed him I just wonder which female teacher is using my work and claiming it as her own?

5 thoughts on “Incompetent Unprofessional Supervisor

  1. Mr. Albetta must be on medication. He is the most unprofessional individual I have ever met, but you are right he has cost a number of teachers their careers by constantly calling in false allegations and basically forcing Jimenez into getting rid of good teachers and other APs.

  2. Mr. Albetta is by far one of the best Assistant Principals in the Department of Education. He has gotten rid of good teachers and replaced them with sub par teachers. He has taken credit for a rise in test score on the Global and US history regents, yet he doesn’t known the different between Louie Armstrong and Neil Armstrong. As far as gym Mr.Albetta used to teach Tai-Chi out of a book he brought at a yard sale. As far as being an athletic director he is a failure at that he removed a successful soccer coach that had taken the Manhattan Center soccer team to the city finals twice and replace him with Dennis Hernandez who hasn’t had a winning season since he got the job.
    Mr. Albetta is the best A.P in the city if you want mediocrity or less

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