The above image is a letter given to me by a graduating student on June 10 2013. The letter stands on its own merits. Three days later on June 13 2013 at 8:23 pm I received the following email.
Please be advised you have been U-Rated for the 2012-2013 school year. Please make an appointment with my secretary at your earliest convenience. So we can start to discussions in development of a plan to help you succeed next school year. You may pick up your rating sheet in my Office.
David Jimenez

My U-Rating for 2012-2013 was given without a class room observation. Neither Mr. Jimenez or Mr. Albetta had observed me in that school year. My U-Rating according to Mr. Jimenez was because I had an issue with their supervision. Arbitrator Lisa Brogan noted in her decision ” The observations reports themselves offered little in the way of concrete suggestions for addressing the more difficult problems and the occasional sending of a link to generic professional development videos does little to convince me that the administration was concerned with the Respondent’s (Silvers) individual needs for development.

Here are my questions:
How unprofessional was it for Mr. Jimenez to send me an email at 8:23 pm when he saw me during the school day and could have given my U to me during school hours?

Based on the arbitrator’s how could anyone believe that Jimenez truly wanted me to succeed at Manhattan Center?

At the end of every email Jimenez places the quote students first well then based on the letter by the student how can anyone believe that Jimenez and Albetta have the student’s best interest in mind?

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