Touching a Nerve

At approximately 7:20 am on November 12 2013 on Pleasant Avenue between east 115th and east 116th st. I was stopped by Dennis Hernandez a recent subject of this blog. As Mr. Hernandez walked towards my car I turned on the tape recorder I carry. Mr. Hernandez congratulated me for my satisfactory rating and asked me which school I’m working in. Mr. Hernandez was met with absolute silence. I’m guessing that this blog is touching on some sensitive issues for the administration. I only can wonder when the Jimenez’s administration pattern of physically threatening behavior will begin. 

2 thoughts on “Touching a Nerve

  1. Why would he congratulate you on what you’ve been doing your entire career? Teaching well.

    He must have known you didn’t deserve all that Albetta, Jimenez, Hernandez harassment, abuse, exile, tampering, conspiring and ex-communication.

    He must have been sarcastic. Mr. Hernandez is not a well wishing person.

    He is spiteful, jealous, egotistical, self-centered and haplessly sadistic.

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