Jimenez in his own words abusing employees


3 thoughts on “Jimenez in his own words abusing employees

  1. Wow I can’t believe this. This blog has actually opened my eyes to what is going on at Manhattan Center. As a current staff member I only thought the stories that I heard were based on rumor, but now I see there is something seriously wrong in this school. Mr. Silvers was one of the most dedicated teachers I ever met and I heard he was having problems with the administration especially Mr. Albetta and Mr.Jimenez who took great pride in announcing on the first day of school that “Mr. Silvers will no longer be with us.” Well after reading this blog I’m assuming that Mr. Jimenez might be having some second thoughts because it seems Mr. Silvers has a bevy of information on Mr. Jimenez and it also seems that facts are a lot more interesting to read and listen to then Jimenez’s lies, but wait then that means it’s a fact Jimenez is a liar.

  2. Mr. Jimenez still has a job after verbally abusing a teacher. Sexual Harassing a female employee.
    Lying under oath which is perjury. It must be nice to have friends in high places.

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