Violating DOE protocols and the New York City Charter

Voilating DOE protocols and the New York City charter

This image is a campaign list that Gym Teacher Dennis Hernandez offered the members of the UFT during the last chapter leader election in 2012. One of Mr. Hernandez’s promises was to have the staff entrance Exit F reopen if he was elected. Oddly enough on April 17 2012 Principal David Jimenez sent the following email to the entire staff.
” Please be advised that Officer Johnson, who guards Exit F that is used by school staff in the morning, was called out of the building by school safety headquarters yesterday and today. Custodial staff, school safety and school administration have agreed to keep all exits locked if no supervision is available. THIS DECISION WAS MADE IN RESPONSE TO RECENT INTRUSTIONS BY UNKNOWN INDIVIDUALS INTO THE BUILDING AND THE INCREASE OF VIOLENT CRIMES IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD. A COPY OF THIS EMAIL WILL BE POSTED BY THE CLOCK.”

I responded back to principal Jimenez’s email the same day and questioned why weren’t Department of Education Protocols followed when the intruders entered the building.
Because I hit the reply all icon in the email every staff member got my email, instead of responding to the intruder question and the failure to follow DOE Protocol Principal Jimenez threaten to write me up for misusing the email system.

The other issue here is that if Principal Jimenez would not change his decision to close Exit F for the Ms. Martin who was the chapter leader in 2012. Why would Mr. Hernandez guarantee that he could get it Exit F re-open for the staff unless Mr. Jimenez put that in writing before hand. Also while the other candidates for chapter leader in 2012 were teaching Mr. Hernandez was going from class to class handing out his campaign note during school hours. In that case Mr. Hernandez’s campagining was a direct violation of the city charter citing union activities on city time.

As you read this ask yourself these questions

How many other cases of intruders in the building have been covered up by Principal Jimenez and AP of Security Dan Albetta?

Why is Dennis Hernandez at the forefront of attempting to remove the current chapter leader Bob McCue?

Why was I nearly written up for voicing a serious concern about the issue of safety?

6 thoughts on “Violating DOE protocols and the New York City Charter

  1. I remember that day May 23 2012 Mr. Hernandez confronted me twice once during my 4th Period Class and during my C6 . His exact words were “The principal guaranteed everything that in this letter.”

  2. I have a number of serious concerns with this campaign letter. The part about cutting C-6 in half is a violation of both collective bargaining and the UFT ccontract as it stands. Mr. Hernandez cannot dictate how C-6 is handle.
    Second: Under The new evaluation system principals are require to collect artifacts of lesson planning. This will be incorporated into the teacher’s end of the year evaluation. I’m sure if Mr. Hernandez understood how the evaluation system works he would have never made a false statement like that.
    Third it is not the chapter leader’s job to maintain copy machines. Every school has a budget for technology and that budget includes repairs to machinery such as copy machines.
    What I can’t understand based on the post and the letter is why Mr. Jimenez would guarantee all this unless Hernandez was in his pocket

  3. First of all, Mr. Hernandez is the biggest idiot in the department of education. Who starts off a letter with… “I AM VERY INTERESTED IN SERVING AS A CHAPTER LEADER…”

    It’s pretty much implied if you’re on the BALLOT.

    Second, how low is his self esteem if he felt the need to BEG teachers for votes WHILE they were teaching. There are plenty of other ways to campaign, legally, and contractually. Ironic in the same letter he alludes to ensuring everyone abides by the contract.

    Third, virtually every single one of his bullet points have NOTHING to do with the role of chapter leader…

    I mean is he serious?


    a. Better parking?
    b. Creating a teacher cafeteria?
    c. Create committees that ALREADY EXIST THAT JIMENEZ WAS THE HEAD OF? (and Jimenez was too stupid to realize this was a direct insult to him)
    d. Regulate the elevator?
    e. Fix copy machines?
    i. Reduce C-6’s (Which is non negotiable by CBA)

    Please dear lord. GIVE ME A BREAK.

    Here’s what he should have wrote. 1 sentence would SUFFICE.

    I, Dennis Hernandez, with all my heart and soul will endeavor to make sure I represent each and every single member of our chapter to the greatest extent of the power granted to a chapter leader and in doing so promise to abide by the DOE protocols and remain fair and impartial or die trying.

    Or…just write nothing at all and let his reputation stand on its’ own.

    Oh wait, that would never work. He’s a crony, an alcoholic, a racist / stalker, incredibly stupid, and a puppet for Albetta and Jimenez who is incapable of independent thought or behavior. He is without ethics, morals or integrity.

    To think he has an administrative degree/license yet doesn’t even comprehend the very basic role of a chapter leader let alone an administrator.

    Lastly, how could he boost morale when he, Albetta and Jimenez are the very ones who DESTROYED the morale of that school?


  4. So he campaigns for chapter leader and makes a list of things he will fix but the list is only things the principal can change. Wonderful.

    I wouldn’t even vote for this guy to be a school janitor.

    “Say Yes To Progress”


    This reminds me of government politics. Classic False Flag operation.

    1. Create problems all around the school.
    2. Have a crony campaign under the pretense to fix problems that were created on purpose.

    I hope the members of that chapter aren’t stupid enough to fall for this bait and switch bitch.

  5. The Fox and the Grapes

    One hot summer’s day a Fox was strolling through an orchard
    till he came to a bunch of Grapes just ripening on a vine which
    had been trained over a lofty branch. “Just the thing to quench
    my thirst,” quoth he. Drawing back a few paces, he took a run and
    a jump, and just missed the bunch. Turning round again with a
    One, Two, Three, he jumped up, but with no greater success. Again
    and again he tried after the tempting morsel, but at last had to
    give it up, and walked away with his nose in the air, saying: “I
    am sure they are sour.”

    It is easy to despise what you cannot get.

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