Big Brother is Watching

Big Brother is Watching

The Video Cameras that were installed at Manhattan Center for Science and Math are used by the Administration to spy on teachers
that Principal Jimenez and Assistant Principal Albetta deem enemies. Oddly enough those same cameras provided one of the funniest moments at my 3020a. Principal Jimenez had brought video tape evidence of an incident between myself and him. One of the video clips showed Jimenez walking in the main lobby eating a brownie from the love cafe. Jimenez drops the brownie on the floor picks it up and looks around to see if anybody was looking then he eats the brownie. I once told Mr. Jimenez and Ms. Winchester that those cameras see you just like they see us. I also testified to this statement in my 3020a. I guess Jimenez thought his image on tape would be transparent.


3 thoughts on “Big Brother is Watching

    • Jake,
      Watching Jimenez picking up that browmie reminded me of George Costanza and the five second rule, but then I realized that Jimenez’s administration is actually the poor man’s version of Seinfeld. That must mean if Jimenez is George then Albetta is Kramer and Hernandez is Newman.

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