Lack of Professionalism, but a Professional victim.

Principal David Jimenez is the classic third grade bully. He will push his weight around and threaten people, but once you stand up to him he immediately switches roles and becomes the classic victim. No where is this more evident then in his April 3, 2013 email about the open market and transferring.

” The open market hiring system (OMT) launches on Monday April 15 2013 for all UFT titles seeking a transfer. It’s your choice. If MCSM is not for you find the school that fits you best.About 97% of schools in NYC have been rated higher by their teachers in the School Environmental Survey.” 

David Jimenez

Manhattan Center has had five consecutive F ratings for Environment. The primary reasons for these F ratings is a lack of trust in the administration.

As you read this page ask yourself these questions

Why did principal Jimenez receive those F ratings?

Why would an administrator note in an email that 97% of the city has better environmental survey rating then his school?

On the majority of the environmental survey the lowest score were for poor relationship between the staff and the administration. So the question is why didn’t principal Jimenez address this issue or maybe the truth that he is a poor administrator is to much for him to handle.

It seems that this blog has inspired some members of the Manhattan Center community to start writing blogs of their own I guess everyone wants transparency, but principal Jimenez . I found this blog as I was searching for one that supported the administration



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