Demo Lesson

The following is an excerpt from Mr Dan Albetta’s testimony

Respondent lawyer: Do you recall that at different times both in 2010/11 school year and 2011/12  school year Mr. Silvers asked you to provide him with a demonstration lesson?

Albetta: I recall that he did ask me to give a demonstration lesson in January 2011 I believe.

Respondent’s lawyer: Do you know what a demonstration lesson is ?

Albetta :its when a supervisor or it could be another teacher demonstrates what a lesson should look like.

Oddly enough, Mr.Albetta refused to do a demonstration lesson for Mr. Silvers. Yet Mr. Albetta continued to give Mr. Silvers U ratings on observations. The questions should be

Why did Mr. Albetta, a gym teacher by trade refused to do a demo lesson in an American history class?

Why was Mr. Albetta, a gym teacher by trade give the job of supervising the history department without a license in history?






3 thoughts on “Demo Lesson

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