Jimenez’s perception on sexuality

This is an excerpt from Principal David Jimenez’s testimony at the 3020a of Mr. Silvers

Respondent’s lawyer: Okay. Now before January 18,2011 do you recall whether or not Mr.Silvers had alerted you to any bad blood between himself and Mr. Albetta.

Jimenez: yes

Respondent’s Lawyer: He(Silvers) had indicated to you his distrust of Mr. Alberta.

Jimenez : When you say distress what are you could you explain.

Respondent’s lawyer: Let me withdraw the question. If you can’t answer the question the way I’m asking it just let me know and I will rephrase it not a problem. Silvers had already alerted you to his belief that Mr. Albetta was not a truthful person  isn’t that correct.

Jimenez:  Regarding his (Albetta’s) sexuality

Respondent’s lawyer: it was your belief that his indication that Mr. Albetta was not truthful only dealt with Mr. Albetta’s sexuality.

Jimenez: If a person has a certain sexual orientation and doesn’t want to make it public to me necessarily that person is not untruthful they just don’t want to make their sexual orientation public. Now what I understood from Mr.Silvers was this man has these inclinations and doesn’t make it– and you know he pretends to be a real man and he not. That what I understood from his constant– it was more than once it was continually– I mean always saying This guy’s not a man. He’s not a real man. He hangs out with his boy him and his boy they’re going to the bar. I mean so to me him saying Mr. Albetta was not truthful was that he was not coming out and expressing his true person, not that he was not truthful in the sense that he lies and makes up stories. That was not the case.

Respondent’s lawyer: Mr.Silvers ever specifically said to you I think Mr. Albetta is gay

Jimenez: No

Respondent’s lawyer: Did he (Mr.Silvers) ever use the words gay, homosexual bisexual in referring to Mr. Albetta?

Jimenez: No

The only person that seems to have a problem with Mr. Albetta’s sexuality is Principal David Jimenez






4 thoughts on “Jimenez’s perception on sexuality

  1. This entire blog is a must read. To summarize it briefly:

    1. Principal Jimenez clearly thinks Mr. Albetta is a homosexual. Based on all testimonies it seems that Mr. Albetta is obviously homophobic. This behavior is typical of closet homosexuals as they try to mask their sexuality by expressing negative feelings towards homosexuality which Mr. Albetta clearly does in his behavior and testimony. Perhaps his animosity towards Mr. Silvers is based on the fact that Mr. Silvers questioned his manhood but not his sexuality and Mr. Albetta misconstrued this as an attack on his true homosexuality which Principal Jimenez acknowledges as well.

    2. Both Mr. Albetta and Principal Jimenez blatantly contradicted themselves on numerous occasions which is evidenced by the bold text. This indicates to me that the tandem truly conspired to tarnish the reputation of Mr. Silvers through frivolous investigations and emotionally charged observations that tried to paint Mr. Silvers as a bad teacher when:

    a) Mr. Silvers record speaks for itself
    b) Mr. Albetta has no content expertise in the field of Social Studies where he curiously is the administrator of.
    c) Should not have been in charge of Mr. Silver’s supervision based on the bad blood between them which Principal Jimenez acknowledged as early as 2010.
    d) Demonstrates Principal Jimenez’s ineffectiveness as a leader as he willfully and knowingly allowed an incompetent man to supervise a clearly competent; actually superior teacher.

    3. Principal Jimenez stated no investigations against him were substantiated then later on in the SAME testimony backtracks and says that some of the investigations against him were in fact substantiated.

    4. It is highly peculiar that Principal Jimenez focused his entire testimony around non-pertinent information regarding Mr. Albetta’s sexuality which was never even brought into question by Mr. Silvers. This indicates that Mr. Albetta may have privately revealed to Principal Jimenez that he is in fact a homosexual and was offended at his perceived innuendos from Mr. Silvers which in reality had nothing to do with his sexuality but rather a question of his substance of character such as honor, integrity, and morality. This also indicates that Mr. Albetta is highly paranoid and delusional which are not traits that are becoming of an administrator regardless of his sexual preference.

    5. I thought a key issue was ignored in this hearing regarding Mr. Albetta using his phone while driving (possibly under the influence of alcohol) but having the wherewithal to keep a safe following distance based on his cars’ speed! At the very least this leads to the conclusion that Mr. Albetta is an unsafe driver with a warped perception of reality.

    6. It is disturbing that during a 3020a hearing two administrators were more focused on portraying Mr. Silvers as the aggressor in this ongoing feud rather than discuss facts. Hearings as serious as these are not forums to sway the opinion of an arbitrator with pontifications that are not relevant to the matters of contention.

    7. The arbitrator herself noted that Mr. Albetta’s behavior of whining and complaining to the principal at every possible opportunity was not progressive towards repairing the relationship which Mr. Silvers was seemingly prepared to do had he not been constantly badgered and harassed by Mr. Albetta with the permission of Mr. Jimenez. Also, this record does not indicate that Mr. Jimenez himself even attempted to make peace between them which indicates Mr. Albetta was acting in accord with the true desires of the Principal which was to target Mr. Silvers for removal by hook or by crook.

    8. The grammar and vernacular used by both Mr. Albetta and Principal Jimenez in conjunction with their contradicting testimonies only shows that both of these individuals have extreme difficulties articulating themselves which is behavior unbecoming of a school administrator. Both of their inabilities to answer simple yes or no questions and then say both yes and no at different times indicates that both of these men may be mentally unstable or outright lying or skirting the issues (no pun intended).

    9. As Mr. Silver’s teaching record was on display here the question that is of utmost importance is why was he subjected to a 3020a hearing in the first place? Obviously this hearing had nothing whatsoever to do with his teaching ability which only leaves one conclusion to be drawn here: Mr. Albetta’s and Principal Jimenez’s hatred toward Mr. Silvers was the only reason this hearing was conducted in the first place. In a public school system that is financially drained to begin with why are these two administrators allocating so much of their time and draining even more city resources for their own personal and political agendas within their respective school? I for one believe more time should be spent on honing their leadership skills, improving their relations with teachers (not worsening them), and learning how to perform observations with an unbiased and fair perspective regardless of their personal feelings towards the teacher. The fact that Mr. Albetta cannot perform a fair and objective observation lends credence to the question as to why is he even an administrator in the first place? It is fair to assume that if he cannot put aside his emotions when performing observations he is creating a feudalistic system of supervision where loyalty and cronyism towards him holds more water than a teacher’s actual effectiveness in the classroom. I’m positive Mr. Silvers was not the only victim of a personal vendetta of Mr. Albetta’s.

    10. Finally, the fact that Mr Jimenez not only condoned but actively partook in the transgressions committed against Mr. Silvers leads one to believe he is incompetent as a leader of a school. All principals have agendas but their agendas should be focused on achieving the mission statement and collective goals set forth by the stakeholders within that school community. To devote so much time to undermine an obviously fantastic teacher is highly disturbing. This type of behavior is truly unprofessional and whoever supervises Mr. Albetta and Principal Jimenez should be investigating this type of behavior as it is apparent Mr. Silvers is not the only victim of their belligerence. Principal Jimenez has been protested against several times and has been the subject of many issues regarding all forms of discrimination and theft of services as well as poor performance in the position of principal. These issues cannot and should not be overlooked. I believe this 3020a is a landmark case in the history of the DOE.

    11. Sadly, Mr. Silvers was illegally placed in excess from this school. Since Mr. Silvers pedagogical effectiveness was the only thing substantiated in this hearing Principal Jimenez has deprived his school of one of their best social studies teachers. This is a disservice to the school community and begs the question: What are Principal Jimenez’s true agendas and motives? The arbitrator has plainly stated there is a serious lack of credibility, honesty and fairness on behalf of Principal Jimenez so the final question is: WHY IS HE STILL PRINCIPAL?

    The politics of the DOE and the corruption within the bureaucracy is apparent but this case truly opens up a can of worms for the higher-ups. Can anyone truly answer why Principal Jimenez remains as Principal of Manhattan Center of Science and Mathematics? I’m all ears, or eyes.

    As long as he remains principal the chancellor and his superintendent are saying:

    “I approve of principals who lie under oath. I approve of principals who get investigated at an alarmingly higher rate than any other principal. I approve of a principal who conspires with his administrators to remove highly effective and satisfactory teachers for personal reasons. I approve of principals who cannot properly articulate themselves during professional hearings. I approve of administrators who are incapable of performing unbiased classroom observations. In fact, I approve of administrators who weaponize their observations especially against satisfactory teachers. I approve of principals who commit age discrimination (Fran Tortorici). I approve of principals who commit sexual harassment of their fellow female cabinet members. I approve of principals who obsess over homosexuality within their administrative cabinets. I approve of principals who get 5 consecutive “F” ratings on their annual environmental surveys. I approve of principals who take over a school with an “A” rating on academic and in 5 years show no progress but lower the academic achievement of their school. I approve of principals who are suspected of misappropriating Title 1 funding. I approve of principals who average a school-wide protest once every 18 months. I approve of principals who have substantiated investigations of misconduct against them. I approve of principals who leave the premises to get into physical altercations with peaceful protesters and make false allegations that they were physically assaulted. I approve of principals who have complaints with the police filed against them. I approve of principals who partake in union busting and boast about it. I approve of principals who bully their teachers into passing failing students to manipulate graduation statistics. I approve of principals who turn a blind eye to academic dishonesty because it makes the academic achievement ratings look better. I approve of principals who intentionally fail to report violent and sexual incidents to make my school appear to be safer than it really is. I approve of principals who place loyalty to them above academic standards for their students.”

    I dare any of this principals to make this public announcement.

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