in Jimenez’s words

This is an excerpt between the city lawyer and Principal Jimenez on substantiated allegations and investigations.

City Lawyer: You were also questioned in regards to student surveys and investigation involving student surveys. Have you received any substantiated allegations in regards to an investigation involving student surveys?

Jimenez : NO I mean in the last two years I’ve gotten so many– they just come in. And I answer whatever and keep on moving

Arbitrator: I’m sorry, they just come in. I don’t know what you’re referring to.

Jimenez: Investigators 

Arbitator: Okay

Jimenez:  For everything I do, the investigators are called in. I don’t know who’s calling them.

City Lawyer: over the past two years have

any of those investigations lead to any substantiated allegations.

Jimenez: No

The following excerpt is the Respondent’s lawyer questioning Mr. Jimenez on substantiated allegations.

Respondent’s lawyer: Okay and again you indicated just now that’ to your recollection, there has never been any investigated allegation against you which has been.

City Lawyer: objection that not the question that was posed. And not what the witness testified about. The witness testified in regard to over the past two years and I directed during those two years have you had any substantiated allegation.

Arbitrator: So let’s stick to the question.

Respondent’s lawyer: No, the response of Mr. Jimenez wasI get investigated all the time. People investigate me all the time. They come in. I don’t think its a big deal. i’ve never had any allegation against me substantiated. That was his response. There are no limitations on that response .

Jimenez: That was not the exact response

.Arbitrator: His answer was investigators are coming in all the time… he did not restrict the time frame… You can ask the question.

Respondent’s lawyer: So I want to clarify,never had a substantiated allegation.

Jimenez: Yes I have

Respondent’s lawyer You have had a substantiated–

Jimenez Yes


4 thoughts on “in Jimenez’s words

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