Truth is a dirty word at Manhattan Center

This is direct testimony from Mr. Jimenez

 Question: So he (Respondent) indicates to you that he did not believe Mr. Albetta would be truthful about his (Respondent’s) performance. Isn’t that correct?

Jimenez: by this time Respondent had attacked Mr. Albetta so openly and blatantly that I really feel that he felt that the relationship was beyond –at least Respondent– repair mistakenly so because i never heard Mr. Albetta  a bad thing about Respondent ever. But I believe, I know he felt that Mr.Alberta was not truthful about his sexuality. and to me it seemed that was his main issue.

Question: You ddon’t recall Respondent saying or informing you that Mr. Alberta’s personal feelings toward him (Respondent) clouds his judgement of Respondent’s lesson planning and teaching.

 Jimenez: He might have said that. But I don’t recall exactly. The untruthfulness aspect came up. But I don’t recall exactly what his words were.

Question: Do you don’t recall exactly. Your recollection is anything that Respondent had to say about Mr. Albetta ‘s truthfulness dealt with his concern about Mr. Albetta’s sexuality.

Jimenez:: There was a big issue around that yes.

Question: Okay. Never told you well no its because I (Respondent) think his animus towards me clouds his judgement regarding my performance.

Jimenez: He might have said that at some point



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