Not Behind the Lighthouse

Arbitrator Lisa Brogan noted in her decision,” While I do not condone in any way, the Respondent’s conduct which has resulted in guilty findings herein. I find that the overall tenor of his relationship with the administration to be a mitigating factor in this case. If Respondent was sole cause of acrid tone between the parties, then there should be no mitigation, but he was not.The administrators at Manhattan Center played an active role in perpetuating the animosity which is at the heart of this case. As early as June 2010, aware that Albetta had some sort of issue with him, Respondent asked Albetta to address the problems between them, to be honest and tell him what the problem was. His methods at that moment were inappropriate, but the fact that he was seeking to air their differences and find a resolution was not. Albetta  played dumb, claiming not to know what he was talking about, but I reject that assertion based on the entire record before me. Rather than find an opportunity to speak man to man with Respondent, he ran to Jimenez over and over again to complain about every slight he felt visited upon him by Respondent. Jimenez continually promised to ” take care of it” but it seems he was incapable of doing so.


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